I decided to start fresh and make new characters. I will write my verison of "Made to Suffer" after seeing "When the Dead Come Knocking"

Name:Slade "Ziggy" Johnson



weapons:Browning Automatic Rifle Safari (Primary) SIG-Sauer P228 (sidearm) Butterfly knife (melee)

Appearance: weight: 180, not muscular but fit. Brown shaggy hair, Has a full slevee tattoo on his left arm japanese art. Has half a heart colored black on his right wrist.

Personality:Laidback easy going quiet guy doesn't let these get to him easily. You can tell him your secrets and he would take them to the grave.

Storyline:Looking for his sister named Annie came all the way to Georgia from Maine to find her. Drives a 1970 corvette ran into some trouble met a few groups along the way during the first few weeks of the outbreak, but he felt better being alone. Ran into Rick's group during the winter and joined them when he saved Daryl's life during an ambush of walkers. Rick's group didn't trust Slade at first but during the passing of winter he grew on them. He became their new sharpshooter after learning from Rick how to use it.

Name:Annie Johnson



weapons:Smith & Wesson Model 34 (sidearm/hardly uses it) kitchen knife (melee/uses it often.)

Appearance:Danielle Harris (enough said) Has half a heart colored in red on her left wrist.

Personality:Kind soft spoken girl trys to see the bright light in everything but doubts herself alot due to living in a harsh life before the outbreak. Has trouble believing herself in this new world.

Storyline:Has been trying to get in contact with Slade since the start of the outbreak. Stole her father's gun when the walkers attacked her home left her abuse father to die while she escaped. Walked for a long time nearly died from thurst before being found by Tyreese and his group who consist of Morales, his wife Miranda and his daughter Eliza. During that time of recovering she grew close with them and they accepted her into the group. They are currently riding/living in a school bus barely getting by.