cast: Inmates:
Zane "Ziggy" Johnson - me (Original)
Billy Jackson - Kevin Gage (Original)
Darren "Big Devil" Bateman - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (original)
Wayne "Little Devil" Bateman - Kevin Hart (original)
Johnny Jackson - Jorge Garcia (original)
Diego Lopez - Gael Garcia Bernal (Original)
Thomas Richards - Michael Emerson (Original choice for the character)

Prison Guards:
Carla Ramirez - Michelle Rodriguez (Original)
Ed Stevens - Justin Bartha (original)
Sarah Wilson - Linda Cardellini (original)

Episode 4:Killer Within (my version)

Rick and Lori are walking back to the group after having their little heart to heart talk. They walk in silence for a few moments before Lori looks at Rick letting out a sigh.

Lori:"So about those...Prisoners what did you do with them?" asked Lori softly.

Rick continues walking in silence ignoring Lori's question. Lori looks away from Rick and shakes her head lightly feeling that the world has changed him into some kind of monster that even she doesn't know if the old Rick she knew is still in there somewhere.

Lori:"So was it quick or did they suffer?" asked Lori softly as she looked away from Rick.

Rick let out an angry sigh the look on his face screamed that he was angry and didn't want to talk to Lori about it. But he stopped walking and looked to the ground for a moment thinking of what to say to Lori who also stopped walking and looked at Rick.

Rick:"There were five of them with us...One got scratched and when he did we were telling him we couldn't help him but he said he was fine but one of prisoners just bashed his brains in. I couldn't even recongized the man when that prisoner was done bashing him in. Me and Daryl watched out for him after that making sure he wasn't going to pull anything funny but...He decided to try and kill me twice so I told him "Shit happens" and stuck a matchete in his head. After that his right hand man or whatever tried to kill me but he ran away and I went after him while Daryl and T-Dog watched over the other two prisoners. He ran out into the yard and so when he did I closed the gate on him and he was begging for me to let him back in but I told him to run. So I left him after that I went back to Daryl and T-Dog ready to kill the other two prisoners but...They seemed like good people so after we cleared out the cell block I let them stayed there." said Rick to Lori.

Lori looked shocked and surprised as Rick told her she took a deep breath and nodded understanding what Rick had to do.

Lori: "I-"said Lori as she was cutoff by a flashlight out in the darkness.

Rick and Lori both looked at the flashlight surprised wondering who is was.

Rick: "Carl is that you?" asked Rick as he saw the light getting closer.

Rick raised up his flashlight seeing Carla holding a H&R Pardner Pump Protector at him and behind her were Zane holding a flashlight, Billy, and Darren while Sarah was holding onto an injured Ed with Wayne helping her.

Carla: "Who the hell are you two?!" asked Carla in a serious tone.

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Rick slowly raised his hands up as does Lori. Seeing thar Carla has the upper hand Rick decides to play this calm and cool.

Rick:"We are not your enemy...Please listen to me we got a wounded man with us and we could use your help." said Rick in a calm tone to Carla.

Carla keeps her gun at Rick looking at him with a serious look her hands were shakey as she was struggling with a choice wither to kill Rick here and now.

Carla:"Why? Why should I help you?" asked Carla in a serious tone.

Lori took a step forward and as she did Carla quickly turned her shotgun on her.

Carla:"Back up! Don't take another step!" yelled Carla at Lori.

Lori froze dead in her tracks and started to shake fearing her her life and her unborn child.

Lori:"Please...I'm carrying my child...Please don't..." said Lori softly her voice shakey.

Carla looks back at Rick and a intense staredown happens between the two. Carla lowers her gun and everyone lets out a sigh of relief. Zane took off his grey knit cap and began to fan himself with it.

Zane:"Thank god..." said Zane softly.

Rick notices the injuried Ed with Sarah and Wayne holding him up for support.

Rick: "What happened to him?" asked Rick but he already knew the answer to it.

Carla looks to Ed worried but shakes her head looking back at Rick acting like it didn't faze her.

Carla: "He got bit by one of those things out there..." said Carla as she looked disgusted remembering the events.

Wayne looked at everyone and was getting inpatient.

Wayne: "Man can we go! This is some bull-" said Wayne loudly before he was cutoff by Ed who reanimated and bit him in the neck taking out a nice chuck of flesh.

As Wayne screamed in pain Sarah quickly moved out of the way and Ed was on top of Wayne. Rick took his matchete and quickly pushed Carla out of his way killing Ed and Wayne a double kill through the back of Ed's head into Wayne's eye. Darren looked on in horror as he saw his brother die in front of him.

Darren: "You son of a bitch!" yelled Darren at Rick.

Before Darren could attack Rick Daryl showed up pointing his crossbow at Darren's neck while T-Dog kept his handgun pointed at Zane and Billy.

Daryl: "Rick what the hell is going on? Who are these people?!" asked Daryl reffering to the group in front of them.

Rick take a breath pulling the matchete out of the now dead Ed and Wayne. He looks to Daryl and lets out a sigh.

Rick: "Seems we have some prison guards and more prisoners...Daryl take these three to where the other prisoners are. I'll take..." said Rick as he stopped himself not knowing the names of the two prison guards.

Carla looked at Rick while Sarah was going through Ed's corpse grabbing his handgun and police baton.

Carla: "I'm Carla Ramirez, SWAT leader." said Carla to Rick.

Sarah looks up to Rick and lets out a sigh still shakey as she just escaped death from Ed.

Sarah: "I'm Sarah Wilson, doctor." said Sarah to Rick.

Rick and Lori both smiled with joy as he heard Sarah. He couldn't hide the smile from his face and looked to Daryl and T-Dog who also looked happy.

Rick: "Alright you two follow me. Daryl, T-Dog you guys be careful." said Rick as he lead Carla and Sarah to his group while Daryl and T-Dog took care of Zane, Darren and Billy.

Darren:"I'm going to get you man! Watch your back!" yelled Darren his voice echoed in the empty halls.

Daryl and T-Dog lead Zane, Darren, and Billy to the cell block to where Axel and Oscar are. Zane turns his head to look at Daryl.

Zane: "Hey man What going on? " asked Zane calmly to Daryl.

Daryl lets out a sigh getting the feeling that he didn't know about the world ending as did the other prisoners.

Daryl: "Simple...Dead walking around, world gone to hell." said Daryl bluntly to Zane.

Zane just shakes his head as he is in disbelief over what Daryl told him. They reached the cell block where Oscar and Axel are. They both looked surprised as they see Zane, Billy and Darren walking in.

Zane: "I just-" said Zane before he was cut off by Billy.

Billy: "Zane we got worse things now...Were stuck in a room with these two niggers not to mention that one with the gun." said Billy refering to Darren, Oscar and T-Dog.

Zane and Axel attempt to both stop Darren and Oscar but they both easily push Axel and Zane aside and beat the living hell out of Billy. Daryl raised his crossbow up in an attempt to stop the beating.

Daryl: "Hey!" said Daryl before he was stopped by T-Dog who put his hand on his crossbow putting it down.

T-Dog looks at Daryl and shakes his head feeling that Billy getting the crap beat out of him is the right thing to do.

T-Dog: "Racist prick deserves this..." said T-Dog in a cold tone.

Daryl let out a sigh and they both watch it while Axel and Zane continue to try and stop Darren and Oscar.

Rick, Lori, Gleen, Maggie, Beth, Carl, Carla and Sarah are with Hershel. Sarah is looking over Hershel's leg with Lori while Rick is in the doorway with Carla.

Carla: "So no joke we all carry it?" asked Carla her voice is shakey.

Rick let out a sigh and nodded as he looked at Hershel hoping that he would be ok. Maggie was still shooken up as was Beth who was near her with Carl and Glenn held her in his arms comforting her.

Glenn: "Maggie lets go out to the yard get some air...Beth would you like to come with us?" asked Gleen softly.

Beth nodded still slightly shaken and looked to Carl giving a weak smile.

Beth: "Want to join us Carl?" asked Beth softly.

Carl nodded giving a big smile. Beth smile grew even bigger seeing as happy she saw Carl. As they left they were join by Carla and Rick. Out in the yard the group disbanded. Maggie and Gleen looked at the pile of burnt walkers while Beth and Carl looked at the inmates a few feet away from Carla and Rick who were also looking at the inmates.

Rick: "What can you tell me about those inmates you were with?" asked Rick to Carla.

Carla looked at Zane, Darren and Billy deciding which one to start off with.

Carla: "The young white one with the knit cap. That's Zane Johnson normally goes by "Ziggy". He is a pretty chill guy never had a problem with him seemed to get along with pretty much everyone. He was arrest on a B&E charge and for carrying an illegel weapon." said Carla to Rick.

Rick looked at Zane who was near Axel and Oscar. He studyed him seeing that he had one full slevee tattoo which consisted of japanese art and a tattoo on the left side of his neck a rose.

Rick: "People can surprise you...What about the other two?" asked Rick to Carla.

Carla continued on deciding to talk about Billy.

Carla: "The big white male with the nazi tattoos. That's Billy Jackson he hates blacks...which explains the new look on his face guessing Darren and Oscar did a number on him. Billy was arrested for holding up a liquor store with his brother Johnny and for carrying a firearm He is a tough guy but surprising he is a nice guy around women...But like you said people can surprise you." said Carla with with a smirk.

Rick only took a mere glance at Billy seeing his nazi tattoos he quickly thought about Merle but shook his head.

Carla: "Now the best for last...Darren Bateman normally goes by "Big Devil". His brother Wayne was the one you killed...Darren is in prison for drug trafficking and sex trade. Also he is a killer we found evidence linking him to four cases." said Carla to Rick.

Rick was having an instense staredown with Darren. He knew that he would want revenge for killing his brother.

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