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    Hey guys how is everyone doing? This blog is about who you would want to see how back or would you would want to appear in the tv show. Please respect everyone's opinion and be fair to one another. Ok so first off I would like to see...

    Lambert Kendal - Now you may be asking yourself why? It's simple really I think Rick could open up to him in a way just out everything in a emoutional way. Lambert also used to work with Rick back in the day and granted although we don't know their relationship it can be assumed that they were close due Lambert being with Shane when he told Lori the bad news about Rick. I hope we see Lambert in the future sometime soon.

    Private Gaines - Now I know you guys are asking again why? Well I don't believe all of the…

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    I decided to start fresh and make new characters. I will write my verison of "Made to Suffer" after seeing "When the Dead Come Knocking"

    Name:Slade "Ziggy" Johnson



    weapons:Browning Automatic Rifle Safari (Primary) SIG-Sauer P228 (sidearm) Butterfly knife (melee)

    Appearance: weight: 180, not muscular but fit. Brown shaggy hair, Has a full slevee tattoo on his left arm japanese art. Has half a heart colored black on his right wrist.

    Personality:Laidback easy going quiet guy doesn't let these get to him easily. You can tell him your secrets and he would take them to the grave.

    Storyline:Looking for his sister named Annie came all the way to Georgia from Maine to find her. Drives a 1970 corvette ran into some trouble met a few group…

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    cast: Inmates:
    Zane "Ziggy" Johnson - me (Original)
    Billy Jackson - Kevin Gage (Original)
    Darren "Big Devil" Bateman - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (original)
    Wayne "Little Devil" Bateman - Kevin Hart (original)
    Johnny Jackson - Jorge Garcia (original)
    Diego Lopez - Gael Garcia Bernal (Original)
    Thomas Richards - Michael Emerson (Original choice for the character)

    Prison Guards:
    Carla Ramirez - Michelle Rodriguez (Original)
    Ed Stevens - Justin Bartha (original)
    Sarah Wilson - Linda Cardellini (original)

    Episode 4:Killer Within (my version)

    Rick and Lori are walking back to the group after having their little heart to heart talk. They walk in silence for a few moments before Lori looks at Rick letting out a sigh.

    Lori:"So about those...Prisoners what did yo…

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    Well as you all may have heard there is a leaked rumor going around that ONLY Harold and Manuel (I think that's how you spell it.) are the only prisoners shown in season 3. Personally I was not happy since we won't see characters like Dexter, Andrew, Axel, or Thomas. But then it occurred to me that this is just a rumor who knows if it is true or not. Anyway the idea of the inmates have been going through my head for awhile now so I wanted to post my fan-made inmates and might write a fanfic soon about my own version of season 3 if you guys think this is good enough lol.

    Zane "Ziggy" Johnson - Age:20 - Young kid laidback possible stoner before the outbreak, trys to keep the peace between the inmates and the survivors, Has a interest in Beth …

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