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    They are claiming that these are all from the Season Premiere:

 me it looks like the whole Comic-Con trailer, just split into four different videos.

    If they are correct and all of those scenes are just from the first episode....WOW!  They're starting off with a bang!! Maybe there is some truth to all the hype from the crew, since in almost every interview so far they all mention that "Things get crazy..quick."  

    Maybe a 2-hour premiere?!  I don't see how all that could happen in just one 60 min. episode, especially since they said, specifically, that there are many red herrings throughout the Trailer.

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  • Scissor Shock

    I'm not sure if anyone has been talking about this here. Speculation/Spoilers below...

    From a recent interview with David Morrissey we find out a little more info on this new threat for Season 4 that they have been hinting at for a while now!

    From the interview:

    How would you describe the overall arc of season four, where are we headed?

    Well we don't know where we're heading. We get the scripts on a weekly basis. So we don't know where we're going. This new threat is the thing that overall is the thing for us. The zombies are the same threat that thy've always been but with this added extra that makes the world a very, very dangerous place. And people start to sort of react in different ways.

    You say "threat," not "person" or "character." Why is th…

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