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  • Saviour Greg is Back :D

    Hello , everyone! Gregory here.

    Every time I come to this wiki , I notice people saying in the blog area : "Oh , I wouldn't have killed Glenn , Abraham , Axel and Lori that way". This is a thread for those people ; perhaps you'd like to tell us how you'd of done it.

    I even thought of a template !

    Name :

    Canon (what actually happened) Death :

    My Version :

    Please write down below if you think this is a good idea or not. I can take constructive critisism , but don't go mental , guys :D

    Greg The Saviour.

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  • Saviour Greg is Back :D

    Ok , this may taken down or Crosider may moan about it.

    But I had a daydream in 4th period Science about The Walking Dead TV Show. I imagine that since the seasons should be reffered to as Season One , Two and Three.

    I wanted to know your opinion on what each Season should of been named , such as :

    Season One - The Altlanta Chronicles

    Season Two - The Road Ahead or The Long Road

    Season Three - The Faraway Struggle

    And so on.

    Crosider , while I believe you are being as you are to keep this Wiki together , but I do not understand your lack of subtlty.

    Greg here.

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  • Saviour Greg is Back :D

    Hello , I am back onto the wiki after losing my password.

    When I bought The Walking Dead Season 2 , at the end of Triggerfinger it has different ending music.

    The music is more dark and mechanical sounding and really sounds good , but I don't know if it's a song or a future arrangement.

    I would like to know where I could find this song.

    Many thanks ,

    Greg :D

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