Goodafternoon, everyone. I don't usually do blogs, but I thought this subject for discussion seemed slightly relevant.

I'm sure all of you comic readers are aware of an individual by the name of Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom Safezone. At this moment in time, Ezekiel seems to be forming into a fan faveroute due to a certain animal he posesses (Shiva). Now, I am myself a fan of him, but there is something, providing events go as they do, that could change our views of him.

Now, our messiah Robert Kirkman has said in an article in Letter Hacks, and as I quote "Ezekiel may be the smartest person in the comic universe".

We can only guess that raising a community in the Apocalypse must be really quite a challenge, and maybe Mr Kirkman is referring to that. Maybe.

Here is my opinion on the matter (please follow on with this, because it's a little bit of speculative story and guesswork, so don't roast me alive please :D).

I personally think, that...

Ezekiel is using Rick, Alexandria Safezone,and the Hilltop Group to get rid of Negan and the Saviours so he can be in overall command. Seems a little far-fetched? Well, allow me to explain my most likely wrong belief.

Number One : I believe that Kirkman has told us that "he's the smartest person" because he's managed to convince 2 civilisations of survivors to wage war with another. After the main battle, all sides would be depleted. As there is no one to really question his power (since he refers to himself as "King", he could do a monarch-like system). If this event managed to occur, I would be really shocked.

Please let me know what you think down below, if anyone even reads this.