• Saviour Greg

    Goodafternoon, everyone. I don't usually do blogs, but I thought this subject for discussion seemed slightly relevant.

    I'm sure all of you comic readers are aware of an individual by the name of Ezekiel, leader of The Kingdom Safezone. At this moment in time, Ezekiel seems to be forming into a fan faveroute due to a certain animal he posesses (Shiva). Now, I am myself a fan of him, but there is something, providing events go as they do, that could change our views of him.

    Now, our messiah Robert Kirkman has said in an article in Letter Hacks, and as I quote "Ezekiel may be the smartest person in the comic universe".

    We can only guess that raising a community in the Apocalypse must be really quite a challenge, and maybe Mr Kirkman is referring…

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  • Saviour Greg

    (This is my first post , please be kind :3)

    So , in the comics , Michonne comes onto Tyreese and takes a bit of a fancy in him. Tyreese now cheats on Carol and makes her Slit her wrists.

    Now , in the tv show , Tyreese is non existant. He took the place of Rick's Right Hand Man ( no pun intended ). Instead, Daryl is now Rick's Right hand man. Now , we can see that Daryl clearly cares for Carol quite a lot.

    Evidence :

    1. He spent a lot more time than anyone else looking for Sophia.

    2.He held Carol back when Sophia stumbled out of Hershel's Barn. Anyone could have done it but Daryl got to her first.

    3. Daryl went out of his stride to go and find Carol a Cherokee Rose.

    So now we get to the point of The Carol , Michonne and Daryl/Tyreese problem.

    If t…

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