The question is, could you use hand to hand fighting skills in the event of a zombie breakout? I'm not talking about some half-assed karate lesson you took as a kid, but the real shit. As a kickboxer and a Sanda fighter, I have KO'd people in the ring before. Now, I'm pretty confident I could do some pretty fatal damage to a human skull with some handwraps. But give me a pair of brass knuckles and a bunch of slow moving targets? I could cause some fucking mayhem. After two years of kickboxing, another two of Sanda and a year of Silat (knife fighting), I'm pretty fast on my feet. I've got very good stamina, I can keep fighting for quite a while. Give me one of my buddies to watch my back, make sure nothing sneaks up on me, I could take quite a few dead. Don't forget, it's also completely silent. No other dead would be attracted.

Now, an obvious problem is my hands. If I get so much as a scratch, lights out. To resolve this, I have Muay Thai handwraps that go down to my elbows. Strong properly applied fabric could prove useful against getting any cuts. Have any of you heard of "knuckleknives"? Yeah. That knife has zombie rape written all over it.

This is a knuckleknife. I own two.