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    Well, the new Walking Dead game is released in North America tomorrow. I pre-ordered it a while back, so I really hope it's good. I'm a little worried, though. Not because of the graphics - that doesn't matter much to me, as long as a game has a good story - but because they haven't advertised it much at all. If it was a product that the maker's actually believed in, they'd be advertising it to no end. Oh well, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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  • Sam samurai

    Before you read any further, please understand that I'm not trying to predict what will happen, these are just some scenarios that I've thought up, and that I think would be cool.

    Rick kills the Governor.
    This one's really obvious, and I would bet it's probably the most likely to happen.
    Daryl kills Merle for trying to kill Rick (or Carol).
    This one I would love to see the most out of all of them. Daryl is my favorite character, and to see him pick sides between his brother and the group would just be pretty cool.
    Merle kills the Governor because he is about to kill Daryl.
    This one would be pretty awesome, as well. Just because Merle saves Daryl, doesn't mean he'd be accepted into the group, though, and that could make for an interesting scenar… Read more >