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The Road to Woodbury Inconsistency?

In the novel The Road to Woodbury, there is a paragraph that reads:

"The National Weather Service out of Peachtree City—still limping along on generators and shortwave radios—issues an early warning that week on as many frequencies as they can spark. But very few listeners benefit from the news. Only a handful of souls hear the frantic voice of the harried meteorologist, Barry Gooden, ranting about the blizzard of ’93 and the floods of 2009."

Isn't this supposed to be happening in 2003? The floods haven't happened yet!

In the same book it says:

"On Friday of that week, in the wee hours of the night—Bob notes in his paper calendar that the date is November 9"

november 9 can only fall on a friday if the year is 2001, 2007 or 2012. Maybe they used a calendar of the year that the book was released instead of the year that it's supposed to be? Maybe Bob could have been mistaken.

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