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  • SaintOfAwesomeness

    I just played A House Divided, and it was so awesome. I was on edge through-out the entire thing. Then I started to think to myself- is the Video Game the best adaption of The Walking Dead?

    I've read the comics, I've watched the show, I've played the game, I've one more novel to go, and I have a fair amount of "Pop" figures. I'm a huge fan, heck, I'm sure all of us here are huge fans! So, back to my originally question, what is you favourite adaption of The Walking Dead?

    Please, vote on this poll, and explain down in the comments!

    Even if we prefer one adaption to another, I'm sure we can all agree that The Walking Dead as a whole is a fantastic franchise.

    I myself would have to go with the video game series, although the comic series and televiā€¦

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  • SaintOfAwesomeness

    What'd you think?

    It's been many Volumes since the Woodbury Attack, and I have to say that TDW Savior Arc is quite boring to me, I think that Kirkman is planning something big, I hope he is anyway.

    So, here me out. War between the Saviors, Hilltop and Ricks Group at Alexandria. This War will bring much Death, killing off many Major and Minor Characters...

    I'd like to see this soon, the Saviors Arc needs to have a little more Spunk, Negan is broring as Hell.

    P.S I'd like to see Rick and the group back on the Road again, like the Prison Aftermath.

    Sup Bro!? (talk) 16:41, December 13, 2012 (UTC)

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