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Ep 4.03 - Speculating About the Voice on the Radio

S2ss2s October 29, 2013 User blog:S2ss2s

So, in episode 4.03 - "Isolation" - Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese pick up a radio signal (just barely) but can't lock into the signal before they run into the Herd. Anyone else want to guess who/what the signal might be? I tried to listen hard to the message - at least, the pieces we could hear - and I thought I heard a man saying words like "attacked" and "terrorists." SO, now I wonder if perhaps the radio signal is the Governor, holed up somewhere having taken over an abandoned radio station or something with a generator, attempting to warn people away from the prison/bring him over to his side to rebuild his army before he strikes?

Anyone else have any conflicting ideas? Could the radio signal be coming from Abraham/Eugene instead, perhaps? Discuss (if you want)!

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