This blog can be taken seriously or could be joked upon because of a lot of overthinking. But despite that I noticed that the Governor (TV) has a lot of symbols or references to the number 3. Is it just a coincidence? Or was this intentional...? Anyway lets get started.

- The Governor was introduced in season 3.

- He first appears in episode 303 (the 3rd episode of the season)

- The picture of him and his family has 3 members in it (including himself)

- During his time on screen he has been seen in some kind of romance with 3 women (Rowan, Andrea, and Lily)

- He had 3 main right hand men during his time on screen (Merle, Milton, Martinez)

  • ironically all 3 of these men died by his hands.
  • all 3 of their names start with the letter M (sorry I had to throw that in there)

- He went by 3 different names, not at the same time however. (Philip Blake, Brian Heriot, And The Governor)

- Out of the 7 major character deaths so far, 3 were caused by the governor either directly or indirectly (Merle, Andrea, and Hershel)

- During his time on season 4 (unless he magically comes back) he was major role in the plot for 3 episodes (although he appeared in 4, his appearance in 404 was just brief appearance nothing major)

- He attacked the prison 3 times, first doing 310 Home, secondly during 316, and finally in 408. all 3 times can be considered a failure because he never reached his goal (to kill them all, and/or take the prison)

- During the prison assault in too far gone, 3 people contributed to his death. Rick attacked him and it allowed michonne to get a good stab in. And lily to finish him with a shot in the head. (I'm not giving credit to rick for the kill, but he did help... kind of)

- After he massacred the Woodbury army, only 3 other people were considered survivors. (Karen, Martinez, and Shumpert)

- The governor was responsible for the loss of the 3rd major location in the TV series (the prison), the first two major locations were the Atlanta camp, and Hershel's farm.

- He was the 3rd person to have some kind of loss of body part and still be alive afterward. Merles hand, Hershel's Foot, then the governors eye.

- If you were to divide up the walking dead series into segments based on mid season breaks. Then his lifespan. lasted for 3 segments. Season 3A, Season 3B, and Season 4A.

Can anyone think of any more? Any kind of feedback will be appreciated. Thank you for your time you took to read this blog.

I got some more... (edit)

- The episode he was introduced "walk with me" the episode he lost his eye "made to suffer" and the episode of his death "too far gone. All have 3 letters in the title.

- In episode 407 him and his scouting group ran across 3 body's, each body said liar, rapist, and murderer.

- "Welcome to Woodbury", "Cross my Heart", "kill them all" were some of his most memorable sayings which only had 3 words.

- Although he killed many people, he intentionally killed 3 people for them to come back as walkers (this means he was aware they would come back and killed them in a way so they did). Merle, Milton, and Pete. This is not counting the fish tank heads, or the unnamed woodburyians that were victim to his massacre.

- In 406 when him and the little girl fell into the walker pit. There were only 3 standing walkers that posed as a threat. In which the governor killed to protect her.