Warning, Blog or replies may contain spoilers for those not up to date with the TWD comic source material. Not recommended for people who haven't gotten to issue 140.

Hello! We can all say that so far that after the time skip there are some pretty interesting plot lines starting that have peaked our interest. Like Carl chilling with the whisperers in the name of booty, reunions, or the more recent Negans opportunity. Giga gasp! This could mean a wild Negan will be on the loose. Seeing all these reunions, it wouldn't surprise me if a Negan/Lucille reunion isn't around the corner... (in case you don't want to read walls of text with terrible English/grammar skills see the short recap further down)

Most likely my prediction for Negans future will be wrong, but it is a fun thing to think about. Anyway without further delay...

Without a doubt Negan will play a important part in the future arcs of the comics. I think that he will escape, and instead of going on a killing spree he will illusively sneak out of the walls alone to find "new saviors". So while revenge is on his mind, he will try to play it safe knowing that one mistake will screw up any opportunity, and most likely his own life. Out on the road he has no luck running into people, but instead goes into whisperer territory unbeknownst of their existence (this is where the theory gets farfetched considering how Negan was in Alexandria, and Whisperers was nearby Hilltop. I forgot how far away they are from each other, and if it would be practical for this to even happen). Lets say it is practical, and it does happen. Negan ends up wandering into the Whisperers, they capture him and prepare to kill him thinking of him as a spy or threat of some sort. Carl intervenes, and Alpha asks Carl if Negan can be trusted. Even though Carl would want to see Negan dead (because of everything that happened) he convinces the whisperers they can trust Negan, and let him live. Carl thinks to himself he only did that because them killing Negan wouldn't be the kind of revenge he would want. Negan travels with Carl, and the Whisperers for a duration of time.

Eventually tension rises between Carl and the Whispers (Dunno what, or how so just throw in your own reason). Some of the whisperers turn on Carl, but Negan turns on the Whisperers and saves Carl killing a few of them in the process. Negan and Carl manage to escape, and they are on the road together. There is initial tension, but they start to develop a more mutual respect with each other. Getting to the point where they cover each others backs, help each other survive, and sympathize with each other. Carl expresses how he misses the people he used to be with (Rick, Andrea, ASZ residents, etc.). Negan eventually agrees to help Carl go back home, even though he knows he will be killed because of his escape. So he plans to help Carl find it then go their separate ways, although it is hard to accept because he starts to get attached to Carl almost seeing him as a son. While Carl starts to see Negan as a friend, and capable of doing great things meaning he could become a valuable asset to ASZ. He tries to convince Negan to come back to ASZ with him instead of just a escort, assuring him that he can "talk to his dad". Negan likes the idea, but still declines. After more character development, traveling back, and walker kills they make it back to ASZ. From a distance of the gate Negan says his goodbyes to Carl, and tells him about how he was planning to regather a new group of Saviors to extract revenge against Rick. And that he decided to just leave, and not look back and start new. Before the emotional goodbye could end someone knocks out Negan from behind... it is Rick.

(This is the part where I will probably get a lot of hate and, OMGZ YOU SHO STUPID private messages)

Negan wakes up shortly after being dragged into ASZ, but not to his cell. Rick rallies everyone from the zone, and gives a huge monologue about giving mercy is the right thing... but a person only deserves it once. Rick continues to speak to the crowd, stirring up their emotions and making them angry towards Negan. Carl try's to convince his dad that Negans saved his life, and is capable of changing. Rick completely ignores Carl's pleas, and allows the crowd to lynch Negan. Carl gives one last try to convince Rick that Negan changed. Rick stops the crowd, but then he asks Olivia to "fetch a specific metal box inside the armory". Olivia brings Rick the box, and inside of it is Lucille. Negan injured from the beating of the crowd is still alive. Rick takes Lucille, and tells Negan that the Olivia not locking the lock correctly was actually a test. To see what Negan would do at the opportunity of escape (although Rick wasn't in the safe zone at the time, he wanted the test to happen when he wasn't around to make it look more like a mistake). Rick coldly tells Negan that "he failed". Negan is Lucilled by Rick in front of everyone, some people are horrified, others are laughing, Carl is crying and begging Rick to stop. Similar to Glenn's death Negan is able to cough out a final word.. "Carl..." This changes the way Carl views his dad, thinking he is becoming no better then what Negan used to be. We are switched back over to a area short distance from Hilltop, where we see the Whisperers gathered as they prepare to attack Hilltop thinking of their encounter with Negan to be a deliberate sabotage against them (unbeknownst that Negan was never in Hilltop, but assumes this because him escaping with Carl), a huge herd of both walkers and whisperers approaches Hilltop in the shadows of night.

Short Recap of the theory

- Negan leaves ASZ - Negan runs into Whisperers - Carl convinces Whisperers that Negan can be trusted - Whisperers turn on Carl, and Negan helps Carl escape - Negan and Carl are surviving on the road together - They head back to ASZ - Negan is captured - Negan is lynched by a crowd, and executed by Rick - Whisperers plan to attack Hilltop blaming them for the Negan/Carl incident

Origin of some of the ideas used

- Carl talking to Negan when he was in his cell shows that these two characters might have more development.

- Rick hitting the guy with his walking stick after a close call with a walker seemed "unricklike" so it could be showing us that Rick is actually starting to become a bit less forgiving. Also dealing with the bad leg for a few years would probably make revenge a lil more tempting.

- Ricks test had nothing to do with Carl, it was just to see if Negan would escape if he had a opportunity. Which in the theory Negan used that opportunity.

- There has to be something to happen with the Whisperers. I think they are being set up as the next big antagonistic group (if they aren't considered already) but they seemed to be at peace so it would take some kind of spark to create that conflict.

Alright thank you for taking any time for reading, and I look forward to any feedback. In fact instead of hearing feedback about what I wrote, I would love to see other peoples predictions for the future issues of the comics. (doesn't matter if Negan related or not). Also I apologize for lack of pictures.