(Warning comic spoilers... obviously)

With the highly controversial season 7 premeire I couldn't help think of how the show will handle a Negan backstory. Unfortunately, like it or not - we are basically guarenteed to be stuck with a Negan bottle episode or two.  So what do you all think would be the best time, and execution to reveal his story? (basically the events of "Heres Negan" - which at the time of writing this is not yet finished its full release.  So anything is really subject to change).

Here are a few possible scenarios I could think of.  

Before All Out War - We are given the generic  "here is an entire story centered around the this here said character."  Most likely would be poorly executed if done at this time.  The only real redeeming thing Negan would've done would be to gut Spencer (or whomever gets the imfamous "no guts" scene - if show goes that route).  So a backstory would be kind of fruitless, as casuals have little to no interest in Negan other then death.  Personal approval: no.

During All Out War - Essentially taking place before the final climatic battle to give the viewers insight on Negan.  Would most likely just be handled like a bottle episode to stretch out the All Out War arc.  It could be integrated as well as a normal episode with occasional glimpses in his story.  Wouldn't be an entirely bad time to have his story during this arc, although I personally believe there would be better alternatives.  Personal approval: no

A New Beginning - I could see this being done as Negan converses with Carl while in his cell.  Similar to how Morgan told his story to the Wolf.  Although I don't believe Negan would be the type to just share it.  So I could imagine the dialogue between him and Carl being completely away from the subject matter of Negan's past.  Which really wouldn't synch too well, but it would be an alright (emphasis on alright as I'm sure better could be done) way to get many of the Carl "talks" out of the way and his backstory in one sititng.  Although I'm sure many would prefer to have little dialogue between the two over a long period of time compared to an entire episode of dialogue at one point of time.  Of course the probability of a random bottle episode devoted to just the backstory would still be in effect during this arc... well any arc for that matter.  Personal approval: maybe depending on execution.

Before Whisperer War - This spans from the beginning the Whisperer threat to the point Negan kills Alpha.  Throwing his backstory in with the mix of story that involves the festival, and just learning about the whisperers would be choppy, and ineffective in my opinion.  Although it could fit perfectly if integrated around the time Negan kills Alpha.  In "Heres Negan" it turns out his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, given the fact that Alpha has cancer it could create a type of connection that could lead veiwers to believe he legitimently started to like Alpha as it reminisces to his wife.  We could argue that if it is shown during any time before this we could make the connection that "alright wife had cancer, this new chick has cancer wham bam done".  Although some watchers, and the writers have absolutely no ability to reference back to previous seasons (looking at those that had no idea who Morgan was despite claiming to watch since the beginning, and examples like that) so I think it would be most effective to have the backstory along with Negan meeting Alpha to keep it fresh on the mind, and kind of give a better explination as to why all of a sudden he is "in love" (well claims to be...).  Personal approval: yes, if done in the same season or episode as the Alpha death.  

Death of "Lucille" - Knowing how Gimps operates.  It would involve the bat breaking off Beta's back (or based on how they like to switch things up it could quite possible be a beefed up chick named Betabeth - cuz gurl power dats why) while Celine Dion music plays in the background with weird flashbacks, and hallucination basically telling the story in a butchered up errrr.. I mean non linear sort of way. Personal approval: why the hell not, because we already saw much worse on this show already.  

Not at all - Just have no Negan backstory, or "Heres Negan" content at all within the showiverse.  To ultimately leave his backstory a mystery for all non source material reading veiwers. Personal approval: yes.

Another Scenario - Basically anything else you could personally think of because I am too lazy to continue, and there are no wrong answers.  

Forgive me if this was a painful read.  I don't make these things very often, and I humbly beg to not end up more roasted than Karen + David.  Just more curious on what others would think on when would be the "perfect" time to drop a Negan backstory.  

I was gonna throw in a poll as well, but I'm too lazy to do that as well.  Not to mention I can't find the button anyway!!!  SO BLEH WHO NEEDS IT!

Thanks for the time.