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    (Warning comic spoilers... obviously)

    With the highly controversial season 7 premeire I couldn't help think of how the show will handle a Negan backstory. Unfortunately, like it or not - we are basically guarenteed to be stuck with a Negan bottle episode or two.  So what do you all think would be the best time, and execution to reveal his story? (basically the events of "Heres Negan" - which at the time of writing this is not yet finished its full release.  So anything is really subject to change).

    Here are a few possible scenarios I could think of.  

    Before All Out War - We are given the generic  "here is an entire story centered around the this here said character."  Most likely would be poorly executed if done at this time.  The only real …

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    Before I begin I'd like to throw it out there that blogging is not my specialty. I had previous success, and a previous failure. Regardless of past I thought this would be fun to make. Some things you'll disagree with, some things you'll agree with. Either way the list is for entertainment purposes. I love this show, but it is not perfect. So its best to just laugh, and acknowledge those imperfections so we can enjoy the good that will come from the show as well.

    1) Andrea taking Shane's side over Dale's

    2) Carl acting tough

    3) Everyone, and their mother making speeches about "YOU FIGHT OR YOU DIEEEEE!!"

    4) Andrea talking instead of trying to free herself (316)

    5) TV Abrahams unhealthy obsession with Washington D.C.

    6) Aiden's taste in mus…

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    Warning, Blog or replies may contain spoilers for those not up to date with the TWD comic source material. Not recommended for people who haven't gotten to issue 140.

    Hello! We can all say that so far that after the time skip there are some pretty interesting plot lines starting that have peaked our interest. Like Carl chilling with the whisperers in the name of booty, reunions, or the more recent Negans opportunity. Giga gasp! This could mean a wild Negan will be on the loose. Seeing all these reunions, it wouldn't surprise me if a Negan/Lucille reunion isn't around the corner... (in case you don't want to read walls of text with terrible English/grammar skills see the short recap further down)

    Most likely my prediction for Negans future wi…

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    This blog can be taken seriously or could be joked upon because of a lot of overthinking. But despite that I noticed that the Governor (TV) has a lot of symbols or references to the number 3. Is it just a coincidence? Or was this intentional...? Anyway lets get started.

    - The Governor was introduced in season 3.

    - He first appears in episode 303 (the 3rd episode of the season)

    - The picture of him and his family has 3 members in it (including himself)

    - During his time on screen he has been seen in some kind of romance with 3 women (Rowan, Andrea, and Lily)

    - He had 3 main right hand men during his time on screen (Merle, Milton, Martinez)

    • ironically all 3 of these men died by his hands.
    • all 3 of their names start with the letter M (sorry I had t…
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    Episodes that start with an I

    November 12, 2013 by Rythli

    Before I begin I would like to say I am fairly new at making blogs, so forgive me if I make a mistake or if anything I say may be "incorrect".

    All of us are aware that they used alot of episodes which name starts with an 'I'.  Coincidence?  I think not.  It also just so happens that the main story arc that these episodes follow is the flu story arc (in which this case I'd like to call the Illness, because it starts with an I ).

    Infected - Confirmation that there is a illness/flu

    Isolation - How the Prison is going to handle this threat, and the troubles they have to go through.

    Indifference - The supply run (which is happening because of this illness/flu)

    Internment - Alot of bad thigns happen, medication arrives. And quite possibly the end of…

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