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  • RyanD5

    Who is Feeding the Rats

    January 5, 2014 by RyanD5

    Hello my name is RyanD5 in my second blog. I have a question for you. Who is feeding the rats?

    In my last blog, a big question in the (70 comments! Thanks :D) was who is feeding the walkers rats. I have two theories as in my last post but I will be more detailed.

    The first person I suspect is Lizzie ( cuz hey, if you can't blame Carl blame Lizzie.) The reason I suspect Lizzie is in 30 Days Without an Accident when Mika said that Lizzie is messed up in the head. She also had a strong bond with walkers thinking of them as people as naming the walker Nick, ect. She also may have been traumatized because of her parents death and gone completely or more nuts. The only way she would not be the one to be feeding the walkers rats is if Lizzie were t…

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  • RyanD5

    Hi my name is RyanD5 and this is my first blog.

    '1.' Bob is feeding the walkers rats. Why would I make such a prediction? Simple. Bob revealed that he was the last survivor in both of his last two groups. Why? He killed them!!! Theory A: Bob will probaly be blamed for Karen's death by Daryl or Rick to keep Carol alive. Theory B: Bob is part of the Hunters and he with the Hunters killed his last two groupsand will attempt to kill Rick's group.

    2. Lizzie and Mika are Ben and Billy and the bus was attacked. I believe that like the comics, a kid kills another kid. (Ben and Billy) and then Carl will kill the surviving kid, Lizzie because hey, if you can't blame Carl blame Lizzie.I also think the bus was attcked because noticeably less Woodsbury pe…

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