This story is about a 15yo boy named Adam. Him and his big brother, Kyle try to keep there family safe. His best frien, Owen will be with them. they try to make it to Atlanta.

I wake up with a feeling today was going to be boring.i grab my tv remote and flick to the news."welcome to channel six 12:00 news, today we will talk, wait this just in. the deceased are coming back to life and are eating other alive humans,"states the newsman who is obviously full of shit.I think it's time to go see the movie with Fred. I grab my shirt and pants. I run down the stairs and grab my wallet, then run out side.

"hey! Adam! Hurry!" yells Owen. I run to his dad car and I go inside the back seat."hey,when does it start?"I ask "1:21, but I wanna get the best seats there. And hot popcorn." "ok, fine by me, best April ever"I say. Then another car hits head fills with pain as slowly drift asleep.

   I wake up to his dad trying to eat us. I start kicking and then the radio says destroy the brain. Owen wakes up and I fill him in. he opens he door and we get out. I see an abandon fire truck "c'mon, follow me!" we run across the road and I climb on the back and I grab two axes. I pass one to him." remember, destroy the brain"I say  I see one limping towards me and I swing my axe over me head and into his. 

    about a hour later we make it back home and my door is locked. i try the doorbell, I hear I clang, next thing I know, I'm on the ground. "sorry Adam", says my 14yo sister, mindy.  "it's okay, where are they?"I ask, because both of the cars are gone. "Mom is with henry,Felix and Matthew. Kyle and jake are at th smoothie store." "son of duck! me and him will go get mum. be back in a hour." I turn around and walk across the street, and I see Darin, a bully, chewing on a cat. I swing the axe over,my shoulder, and I sever his head. good day to wear big combat boots.i stomp on the head.we finally get to Owens house and we grab his big truck. " woah man, you don't hav your license!" "how jar can it be?"

if you liked it, I will set up a series.thanks.