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Rock032 September 9, 2012 User blog:Rock032

Well I was trying to sleep like 15 min ago and suddenly an TV Trailer of the Walking Dead season 3 appeared I was shocked, but even more shocked about the footage they show. I will try to look for the trailer on the internet but meanwhile I link some parts of the original trailer and it showed this.

Like most of us know, somebody will get some part of his body ripped, and it seems that it's hershel. What I saw was Rick holding up somebody with glenn to the ground while lori hugs a shocked beth, then Rick grab an hatchet and prepares to remove that person's leg. I connected everything and for a moment I though It would be T dog, but we havent seen much of hershel in the trailers and Hershel was supposed to get his leg cut off in the comics but Kirkman regret doing that because that would be too much for Hershel.

I tried to connect everything and it seems that he is, I'm quite shocked. And if you already though he would be the one, well you were right then.

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