Oh hai, guess who it is. Some douchebag who enjoys using GIF's (or according to this crafty bastard overuses) and saying random stuff on forums...yeah me, Riley...ANYWAY!

I'm here to bring up the issue of how the wiki uses the term "protagonist", this is mainly aiming at the TV series characters. Protagonist generally means THE central character, it's possible to have more than one, if their roles are equal, where in the TV series they're not. You cannot have "X is a main protagonist" or "Y is a minor protagonist" as it contradicts the definition of protagonist.

The Protagonists page is something what irks me greatly, why do we have it? It's practically listing everyone who's an ally to the protagonist...that's not a protagonist, that's an ally. "Protagonists are characters that are leaders, proponent, or supporter of the main characters' cause."...no. Now I'm aware of WHO made the page, but the lack of actual definition and almost trying to alter the definition for simple use on the wiki where it can just say "X is a main character" not a "main protagonist" because it looks off. And even then on the Protagonists but the "Occurrences" part is something I also hate. *character meets character* "Let's list them as an occurrence as they're not a threat".

My point is, WHY do we have to list EVERY survivor who isn't a threat as a protagonist? Protagonist by definition does NOT refer to the hero which is what I'm getting hint of the reason practically every non-hostile survivor is listed as a protagonist. The hero can be the antagonist it's simply based on the perspective of the story. Look at The Fall of The Governor, you could consider The Governor as the protagonist in the novel while Rick's group are the antagonists.

I would like to point out as well, I AM aware that it's possible to have more than one protagonist, but the way the wiki uses it almost butchers the term.

All in all, I SERIOUSLY think the page has to go and remove every reference of "main" and "minor" protagonist from the pages what have them. Because it's just misleading.

Do you think the term "protagonist" on irrelevant characters needs to go?

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