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  • Rickgrimes3046

    Character surrogates

    November 5, 2012 by Rickgrimes3046

    Is anyone else getting the feeling that some of the characters are really becoming surrogates for others? Beth becoming the new Sophia, Oscar possibly becoming Tyreese, Hershel taking over Dale's role, etc. Tell me I'm not alone on this lol

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  • Rickgrimes3046

    I've been trying to branch out and make my own Wiki page and I quite like the format that this wiki has for the characters. I was wondering how you get to making the boxes around the character's pictures that call them alive, dead, etc. I want something similar on my Wiki but I don't know how to. Would you please help?

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  • Rickgrimes3046

    Everett Family

    Atlanta Police

    Clementine's Family

    Clementine's Neighbors

    Greene Family

    Greene Family Neighbors

    Kenny's Family

    Everett's Pharmacy Survivors

    Caul Family

    Travel Motel Survivors

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  • Rickgrimes3046

    With Lee bitten and Clementine kidnapped, what do we think happens? I'd hate to say goodbye to Lee already if there's a second season because I feel there's so much to tell about his backstory yet. I'm hoping there'll be a choice to amputate his arm. Otherwise, the whole choice factor never really mattered. I also think we'll be able to save Clementine but at a heavy cost.

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  • Rickgrimes3046

    Considering the events that take place in the comics, I was wondering if we'd end up running into Lilly after her stay with The Governor. Anyone think we'll see her once more?

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