• Rick Grimes the zombie slayer

    Who will kill Negan? I think Rick will keep his promise and do it or Maggie might. I've been thinking about it and maybe Sophia will kill him. Like lets say Maggie gets knocked to the ground and her gun falls out , Sophia picks it up and shoots him. If this was going to happen , it would probably take place in issue 120 or somewhere around there.

    Negan needs to die a slow painful death because of how he killed Glenn. I'd laugh if Negan was beaten to death with Lucille.

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  • Rick Grimes the zombie slayer

    Hi , I think the worst antagonists were Woodbury , but we haven't fully explored the Saviours yet so they could be worst.

    Could you tell me who you think is the worst , the scariest , the craziest , the funniest , the weirdest , the nicest and your favourite antagonists.

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  • Rick Grimes the zombie slayer

    This has been asked before , but new people have joined this website so obviously they have different opinions.

    OK , tell me your top ten favourite badasses in the walking dead series!

    These are mine:

    10.Tyreese [comic] killing all zombies in gym with a hammer.

    9. Abraham [comic] killing loads of zombies with no help with a pitchfork.

    8.Jesus [comic] Fighting Michonne and Abraham , escaping the Saviors and having a badass name.

    7. Randall [tv series] When he killed the zombie with his hands tied up.

    6. Carl [comic]  Fighting some of the saviors on his own with an assualt rifle.

    5. Andrea [comic] Her awesome shooting at Woodbury says it all.

    4. Lee [videogame] He fought a whole street of zombies with one arm and a machete.

    3. Daryl [tv series] He's b…

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  • Rick Grimes the zombie slayer

    You can have as many people as you like of who you'd bring back.

    Tell me your choices from the comics , the tv series , the novel series and the videogames.


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  • Rick Grimes the zombie slayer

    Hi , I created this blog to see what relationships you like and hate.

    My favourite is Rick and Andrea being together because they both know how to survive and they've been in the same group since the start.

    My least favourite was Dale and Andrea because well Dale is really old and is not fit for Andrea.

    Michonne and Tyreese was good aswell.

    Carl and Sophia is nice to read two kids pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

    So , tell me what you think.

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