The main character of Walking Dead arguably being Rick Grimes as the main focus and being the awakened warrior from his hiatus in a coma speaks to a Christ-like element. Curiously this is held true by Rick leaving the group to help the group (saving Merle, motorcycle ride to Shane's corpse, Woodbury siege,etc.) But evidently most of these absenses left a lasting mark on his person, much like how Christ went on a 40 day 40 night journey into the desert as a kind of shamanic trip of self discovery... Christ as a symbol meaning the extension of God, his Son, Rick's bond to others is by his willingness to act for the greater good, physically representing the light of good which evades the hopeless survivors of the apocalypse. The logos or Word that is Christ is this very representation of God's power, since everything that is experienced is then contained within another structure of reasoning, a language, or Word which expresses intended meaning. Rick Grimes is this force. He gives meaning but also contains it within. When he contains the bad he is changed, but bumps back to revive his place as a conscientious leader. The meaning he gives is the will to live even in seemingly hopeless situations, to hope. Even in the tv series there seems to be foreshadowing of the christ connection. In season 2 episode 1, Rick speaks to an idol of Christ on the cross and the content of the conversation was based around uncertainly of what is ahead, giving the title of the episode more solidity. He asks for a sign and in return Carl is shot by Otis in the woods. The sign was to intentionally segregate faith and reality, or religion and science. Robert Kirkman even said in Letter Hacks that the reasoning behind the biblical names of the WD (Jesus, Ezeikel, Abraham, etc.) was as a kind of joke, since the people who work on WD are against Christianity*. Now if Rick is somewhat symbolizing a Christ in a few ways then is it possible that Carl is like the Anti- Christ? 

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Response by Axel TWD
Kirkman stated that biblical names of characters are only coincidental and don't mean anything. He never said he was against Christianity.

Religion is a sensitive subject and I just wanted to clear that up.