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  • RickGrimes23

    Hello peeps, as much as I enjoyed the finale, I was left feeling a bit cold or empty, like the conclusion of the prison arc could not hold a candle to the comic version. Before you say "Its the tv version, theyre different" just hear me out. The tv version does things differently obviously but I feel that the emotional level was spent mostly on Hershel's death that everyone practically knew was going to happen, and Judith's disappearance in the bloody carrier left me thinking back to the comic version, which was more straightforward than this.. And it made me feel like there was no conclusion at all to the prison arc. 

    Also I think more people in the prison group should've died. Especially Daryl and Beth, and all those redshirt prison membe…

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  • RickGrimes23

    The main character of Walking Dead arguably being Rick Grimes as the main focus and being the awakened warrior from his hiatus in a coma speaks to a Christ-like element. Curiously this is held true by Rick leaving the group to help the group (saving Merle, motorcycle ride to Shane's corpse, Woodbury siege,etc.) But evidently most of these absenses left a lasting mark on his person, much like how Christ went on a 40 day 40 night journey into the desert as a kind of shamanic trip of self discovery... Christ as a symbol meaning the extension of God, his Son, Rick's bond to others is by his willingness to act for the greater good, physically representing the light of good which evades the hopeless survivors of the apocalypse. The logos or Word…

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