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  • RickGrimes18

    I was re-reading the comic books and I found that in volume 1 where the camp is attacked Glenn is armed with a Chinese style pistol, i know he is Korean but I still don't think it's a coincidence, and no one else has one all the other camp members have normal pistols. I know it's not very interesting but I've never noticed it in all the time I've read the comics so thought I'd share it, apologies if this is A) really uninteresting or B) already been found!

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  • RickGrimes18

    Does anyone have any ideas as to where Kirkman will go once the all out war story is over?

    I only ask this because I am struggling to see what he will do, no way out proved the survivors can handle the walkers, and that they're a manageable threat, and if the survivors win in all out war then it's going to show that they can also deal with other humans successfully. So at this moment I can't see how the story will carry on, it obviously will and I'm sure it will be great as always but I just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas as to what's next for Rick and the group.

    I'm also sorry if a similar blog post has been made before I don't remember seeing one but just in case, my apologies!

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  • RickGrimes18

    Allen's death

    April 5, 2013 by RickGrimes18

    I was thinking about Allen's death in the finale and does anyone else think it would have been better to keep him alive, tagging along with The Governor, Martinez and Shumpert, so that when The Governor comes back next season to attack the prison once more Tyreese and Allen could fight off from different sides? I just kind of think that the scene between Tyreese and Allen at the pits was a bit of a waste, they could have drew on that in a scene next season, Tyreese and Allen confronting each other and releasing all the shit that happened between them and Donna, just my thoughts, anyone else have any opinions?

    Btw this is my first blog post and I know it's kind of pointless and my idea might be complete shit so let me know if either is true,…

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