Hey all me again and don't know if your aloud to make 2 blogs in 1 day but oh well, I was thinking and re-reading the walking dead comic series and thought maybe the same old guy tyreese killed for trying to rape julie (This is from the story tyreese told rick in issue 7 or 8)  Is the old zombie Rick and carl find in that grocery store its from issue 49 or 50 when Rick and Carl stay in that little town


Tyreese said the old guy was living in a back room, the walker suprised rick from a back room.

Tyreese said he was staying in his house and searched for supplies in a nearby grocery store (This is very similar to the town Rick was staying in)

I know some people are going to say but the town is miles away from atlanta and how'd they get there well maybe they drove a car to atlanta thinking it was safe and they broke down so they carried on following the road till the met Rick and Co.

Old Man Walker