Just wondering what you guys would've thought if this played out. What if the Unnamed Criminal had been arrested and had been sent to the prison where Rick and the group arrive at, it would've made interesting conflicts as Rick and Lori would deffinetly trust the prisoners even less and maybe the Unnamed Crinimal could've taken Dexter's place and death then
Dexter could've become like Oscar but living longer. I don't think it is too far fetched and un-realistic as the unnamed
criminal has a very good shot as he was using a shotgun and managed to hit Rick from quite a far distance also the criminal was never shown to be killled so I think it would've been a pretty interesting story. Dexter would've still been put in the cell for the murder of Susie and Rachel Greene but he would be more understanding agreeing with Rick that it did make sense that the murderer would have murdered them, but it still would be Thomas. Axel would still have the same role but Andrew, I don't know maybe still with Dexter and tries to get Dexter to help him and the Criminal to kick everyone out because Rick and the Criminal haven't gotten along and the criminal is worried Rick will kill him like he killed Thomas but Dexter refuses and Andrew does the same instead of with Dexter with the criminal, if not maybe just cut out Andrew all togther. Patricia also stays the same.