Hey, guys! Don't know if one of these blogs have already been made (They probably have) but oh well...I hope you all enjoy hearing my opinions and commenting your own! Obviously as always I love it when you all comment but please no abusive comments, thank you and enjoy. Oh and yeah, obviously spoilers from all of Season 1-4 of the show. 

Season 5

Rick Grimes (Survive)

Personally I deffiently think Rick will survive all of Season 5, I couldn't imagine the show without Rick. The only reason Rick would die this early is if Andrew Lincoln left but he most likely signed contracts for many seasons. I'm loving the progression we're getting from Rick and I really hope it continues as well as the comic, how awesome was the slaughter of Joe and his group? I much preferred them to their comic counterparts as we actually got to know them. Seeing it happen on the screen was amazing especially Joe's death, I can see Rick surviving this season and many more. 

Carl Grimes (Survive)

Although I personally dislike Carl in the TV Show alto, again I couldn't imagine the show without him. Especially with all his recent development. For example I want to see how Carl deals with the attempted rape by Dan, I also couldn't see Rick carrying on without Carl as he would most likely commit suicide after Carl died so this is another big flaw. Again I imagine Chandler Riggs has signed tons of contracts to make sure he doesn't leave.

Albert (Dead)

Albert is a new character and resident of Terminus. I think he is most likely going to be shot and killed in the first episode as Rick and the others escape Terminus. Albert will most likely be like Warren, a background character who is named and then killed almost instantly. 

Tyreese (Most Likely Survive)

I can't see Tyreese dying anytime soon with the awesome development of Karen and David he has just recently had. I also can't wait to see both Tyreese and Sasha reunited. If I had to make a prediction of when I thought Tyreese would die it'd probably be either a massive death at the end of this season of late season six.  I'll never get tired of seeing  him go to town on walkers with his hammer. 

Michonne (Survive)

She is so badass and one of my favorite characters, she is much better than her comic counterpart and I love the actress, The development has been fantastic and it would be insane to kill of such an awesome character this season. Her and Carl have grown such a bond and Michonne still has such much potential.

Mary (Dead)

Mary is another Terminus resident who will most likely be either killed in battle or remain at Terminus never to be seen again. 

Gareth (Dead)

I personally think the first half of Season Five is going to focus on Gareth and Terminus. Personally I think Rick and the others are going to escape and Gather and the Terminus survives are going to try and hunt them down (Making them closer to there hunter counterparts) Also it'd be cool to see the scene of the hunters in the forest watching like the comics. I think Gareth will most likely die the way Chris did except he may not get his finger shot off, if he does it'll be by Maggie.

Sasha (Dead)

Although I love Sasha's character and think she has lots of room for development I think she will have a sad death in the later half of Season Five or the end of the first half. Which would effect Tyreese greatly, although if I could decide I'd chose Sasha to live. The writers need a few character deaths and I think Sasha will sadly be one of them.

Judith Grimes (Unknown, 50/50)

I could see Judith going either way, Judith will either be shot and crushed by someone. Possibly one of the Terminus people, or she will become almost an extra like at the prison and watched at Alexandria by Rick, hopefully Jessie and probably Olivia to give her a little more development and use.

Daryl Dixon (Survive) 

To be honest I don't think Daryl is ever going to die, not only has he got many awesome and great skills he is portrayed brilliantly and has great development, His popularity alone would probably keep him going, personally I think he will die late season seven to Negan and Lucille on the road, just to make everyone really hate Negan.

Beth Greene (Dead) 

Although Beth has also grew a large fanbase, I think she is going to die in Season 5. Although I like her character I can see it going a few possible ways one being she is at Terminus missing a leg, or another limb and later dies. Another possibility is dying with Judith in her arms like Lori in the comics. But I don't really see much they can do with Beth except maybe let her survive and become a carer of children at Alexandria. 

Maggie Greene (Survive)

I think Maggie is pretty much going to follow her comic counterpart and make to Alexandria, she may also attempt the suicide storyline after losing Beth and later take Andrea's place as the sniper at the hunters of Terminus.

Glenn Rhee (Survive)

Again I think we will see much more development of Glenn, personally I hate his character in the show...really hate it! Its a shame to because I liked Glenn in Season 1 and 2 and I really liked him in the comics. I just hate this Glenn who tries to act tuff, is reckless and rude and cares about no one except himself and Maggie oh and Tara only because he would've been a real jerk and hated by everyone if he just left her....rant over. 

Tara Chambler (Survive)

I really hope and think Tara has much room for development and has interesting potential with Maggie after the death of her father and Tara feeling guilty. This would be a great story for development and I really hope we continue to see Tara's character grow.

Abraham Ford (Survive)

I think Abraham is going to be pretty similar to the comic counterpart this season as he heads down to Washington with Rick and the others. 

Eugene Porter (Survive)

I think Abraham is going to be pretty similar to the comic counterpart this season as he heads down to Washington with Rick and the others. 

Rosita Espinosa (Survive)

I think Abraham is going to be pretty similar to the comic counterpart this season as he heads down to Washington with Rick and the others.  Bob Stookey (Dead)

I think Bob's going to die in the mid season finale, heroically. Either with Sasha or saving Sasha who then will later die. Maybe to walkers or to the hunters. If not horically then I think he will be kidnapped and may get the same fate as Beth.  

Carol Peletier (Pretty sure...Dead)

I think Carol is going to be killed off, as she has survived for so long and her character developement, character and actress is great but I don't want the show to take the risk of making Carol too dark and crazy. Like I think that Karen and David, then Lizzie and MIka is the darkest they should take Carol and maybe tone her down again. If the do tone her down and make her a more stable member of the group she may survive although I think she is going to be a massive death of the season,