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Interviews!! Crowley, Eileen, Woodbury Guards and lots more to come!

Hey guys Raxel here, I have two interviews and more to come! The first I will link here but as I am not a offical interview Eileen's won't get a page...Anyway here is the link to Mitch Gunter's http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/The_Walking_Dead_Wiki_Interviews/Mitchell_Gunter but this is an exclusive I guess so here. It reveals lots of intresting trivia like Eileen had a husband and she was originally cast as a walker.

Mitch's Interview (Unnamed Woodbury Survivor 3 )

Meagan's Interview (Eileen )

Dango's Interview (Unnamed Woodbury Survivor 1 )

Arthur's Interview (Crowley)  

Colin's Interview (Woodbury Survivor )

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