Okay this is a three parter blog, this will focus on the TV Show, the next the comics and then the last the Telltale Game.

Basically if any of you aren't aware there is a youtube channel that does "Cinema Sin" videos which find all possible faults, some minor and add them all together giving it an ultimate sentence at the end. So I thought I'd start with the show as that arguably has the most visible faults, hope you guys enjoy and feel free to voice your opinions just try and keep it as friendly as possible.

 Number #1

Get the guy a drink...

Drinking walker
Okay the first sin, is a minor one, but still a sin non the less; In the pilot when Rick first rides his horse around the
Drinking walker 2
corner and spots the first even herd of walkers seen it is a pretty cool scene right? A scene which was really meant to sure the seriousness and the threat of the walkers but apparently a bigger threat than walkers is thirst as if you look closely you can actually see an extra drinking a bottle of water in the middle of filming

Number #2


Door knob
Remember Jenny, Morgan's wife's eerie scene twisting the door knob? The one shown in the opening credits of season one. Or how about the walker smashing the glass door with a brick or a slab, pretty scary right...apparently all this was forgotten about in future episodes however as walkers are never seen showing intelligence like this again and I know it was explained as ohh...urm...the brain was still freshly turned or some crap why has that stopped all of a sudden now? I mean people are still getting freshly eaten and turned because if not wouldn't most of them be rotten to the point were they can barely move? 

Number #3

Half eaten and still gorgeous! 

Chewed up
Walkers aren't shown to be picky when eating, I mean they ate an Unnamed Man's face in the season four finale and ate Sean's face in season two, so why is this girl completely devoured except in her face/head? Surely they would've had a nibble at that too, right? 

Number #4

Good car insurance


What sort of car can protect all its passengers when going at a very high speed then flipping over more than five times? I mean I'm not saying it is impossible but not one of them show any wounds at all except the long haired criminal who had a slight cut I mean it would probably result in at least one death, or even an injury which made you unable to stand at the time...anything. I mean the second criminal is still wearing a hat, I mean did he put it back on after the crash if so why? Did he think it was the most important thing to do at the time?

Number #5

Dancing in the....gunfire?

Unnamed Criminal 1 death
Most of the deaths in The Walking Dead are pretty believable especially when shot like Criminal 2 and 3 but why does number 1 start dancing around and waving his arms? Wouldn't he have just been sent flying, it doesn't even look action-y just embarrassing. Five seconds of waving around and crying, why? 

Number #6


When Rick goes to the gas station where he finds Summer he sees  a pink tricycle sitting there...if you had just escaped probably saw people getting eaten alive would you pack a tricycle? Even if you had kids who could use it I doubt you would let the ride it around....of course you would why am I asking. 

Number #7


Morgan's Kill
This just puzzled me, Morgan knows noise gets their attention, he even calls himself stupid for doing it later but why would he shoot a single walker for no reason? Why wouldn't he borrow that shovel that his son was using to beat cops with? Its not like that walker was even a threat to anyone...it just didn't make sense to me at all

Number #8

Walkers? More like Joggers

This is another major problem I have with the walkers, whenever its covient to add fear to the survivors in trouble the walkers seem to speed up into almost a run, it happens in Atlanta and when Otis and Shane are at the high school, it seems as though the writers forget what the zombies are supposed to not be able to do...I mean they're called walkers for godsake

Number #9

Walker Cruelty  

Deer Walker

In Atlanta Rick, Shane, Jim and Dale beat the Deer Walker for no reason, then chop its head off. All of it was pointless however as the walker was still obviously alive, I mean we already knew from the comics, movies and any other zombie thing or even most people knew in general that you had to get them in the brain so it wasn't shocking at all....The only thing it did was give Daryl Dixon a "cool" entrance. 

Number #10

Staring Contest

Ed Staring
In the episode Vatos, Ed a character who is shown to be although an absolute asshole a big, intimidating man and come on with the size of him he isn't weak. I mean I know he could've just been scared but Ed didn't seem like a coward, asshole wife-beater? Yes but not a coward and even if he was he had more than enough time to call for help but he just...stared. The size of him he should've easily pushed that walker away and I'm not saying he wouldn't have got eaten as more entered the tent afterwards what I'm saying is he would've put up some fight. Even when he was getting eaten he wasn't really moving and I mean the first bite most likely wouldn't have killed him straight away he would've been struggling and bleeding first, like Amy she was bitten in the side of her neck and arm and managed to scream and die in Andrea's arms so either way you look at it one of their deaths is a sin as both were bitten in the side of the neck. I checked too and they're in the same place in-between the shoulder and the neck. 

Number #11

Too little, Too late

In episode five Rick finally bothers to tell Morgan that Atlanta isn't safe? That seems like it would be a pretty important thing to tell
Rick on Walkie Talkie
him but no lets leave it...I'm sure he'll be fine....I mean Rick survived and what are the chances of that....seriously though if he wasn't the main character his ass would be as chewed as his horse's but no that isn't the sin...think about your friends Rick! 

Number #12

Our little secret

Dale Staring at Shane
Why didn't Dale tell Rick or Lori or Daryl or anyone in the group that the person they'd been looking up to as a leader as much as Rick was a physco who was planning on blowing his brains out., I mean yeah Dale does bring all the stuff up about Shane in season two but why the wait? Why not go "Hey, Rick...So, I caught Shane pointing a gun at you. He looked pretty pissed, I'd keep an eye on him if I were you". Even if Dale was scared Rick, Daryl, Glenn and everyone else could look after him too, right?Also if he was scared he didn't show it in season two when he used to go up in his face. Personally between Rick and his walkie-talkie and Dale the group really needs to work on its communication. 

Number #13


Not much to say about this one other than it is stupidly convenient that when dropping a grenade near the window it only blew that
Convinent Window
one window out and perfectly took each shard with it.

Number #14


Seriously?! A self-desruct? That is just embarrassing....Its like watching the old cartoons were the villains would have a self-destruct buttons that the heroes would use to win a battle they should've totally lost...I mean you have a nutty professor who is defeated by a self destruction in his own building? I know they hired the person who does Phineas's voice out of Phineas and Ferb but this is too similar (I am obviously joking) Still its stupid and completely unrealistic.

Number #15

Dirty Dale...

Okay, I know this is a minor one...like a really minor one but I thought I'd point it out as it REALLY annoys me. Before the explosion
Dusty Dale
and before ducking down or anything Dale's face is seen covered in black ash or dust or something. If you look back in the CDC scene Dale's face is clean so were the hell does all that crap on his face come from?