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Hey guys, hope you've all had an awesome week! Guess what...This is the 15th Character Spotlight! Anyway this one will be focusing on all the named woodbury residents from both the comic and the show who are named and don't have enough to have there own character spotlight. So its going to be a pretty long blog and probobay not the most exciting but it gets these characters out the way so lets go!

Comic:- Woodbury Residents


Jared was a crucial member of The Governor’s army, as without him Rick and the group may have won the battle for the prison as Jared was the only resident able to drive the tank. Although Jared only appeared briefly in a couple of Issues he was one of Woodbury’s most important people and I kind of wish we had seen more of him maybe in target practice or practicing with the tank.

Ms. Williams

I think Ms. Williams was shown in Woodbury for two reasons, one was to show that all the residents of Woodbury were not like Bruce, Gabe and The Governor (Like Martinez later mentioned) Another reason was to make it emotionally harder for Dr. Stevens and Alice to leave as Ms. William’s son was ill. It also made Dr. Stevens appear like the stronger of him and Alice as he told Alice they had to leave.


Miller is one of the many guards of Woodbury, Martinez seems to be able to easily trick him although I guess Miller wouldn’t have any reason to believe Martinez was lying especially if The Governor had already informed Miller that Martinez was only leaving to find out where the prison was. Also I think it was pretty cool that Miller was named in the novel, it shows that even some unnamed characters are remembered by Robert Kirkman.


Like Miller, Rudy is one of Woodbury’s guards who is also named in the novel. Rudy is the guard who informs Martinez that the Governor wants to talk to him.


Okay Wes was only seen briefly taking Rick and the groups weapons but I found it very funny in the novel that Martinez and Lilly named him “The Little Troll” as he does resemble one and it made his character in Woodbury a little bit more memorable to me. Personally I would’ve preferred it if Wes had taken Rudy’s place in calling for Martinez as the we would’ve seen more of him and actually would’ve made his character one of the more notable Woodbury Residents, rather than a different person appearing every time for a couple of Issue.

Denny and Lou

There isn’t much to say about these two as both have only appeared unconscious outside Dr. Stevens office. But both are named in the novel, I find it pretty awesome that Robert manages to remember character’s like these when he already has so many more living and dead.

Matthew, Daniel and Jim Bridges

Matthew and Daniel are only seen briefly and are just named deaths caused by Tyreese and Michonne to report to the Governor. But Jim Bridges is much more notable as he is mentioned in both the comic and the novel and lost his daughter as she is the one killed accidently by Nick Parsons. This actually made you remember this man as he is killed in the forest, making his death slightly more memorable than the others.


Okay although Eric is only shown briefly I though this death was amazing. When Michonne jumped out from the forest while he was urinating was hilarious and then we got the awesome kill of Michonne slicing his head in two with her sword which never gets old.

Bruce Allan Cooper

Bruce is probably the most noticeable and easiest to remember character in all the comic Woodbury section I almost  gave Bruce his own blog but felt that he didn’t do enough really to talk about and felt like another one of the Govenor’s henchmen except Gabe was seen and remembered a lot more. Bruce was seen in the novels but again didn’t really do much, in the comics Bruce was the Governor’s muscle and pinned Rick the table as Brian cut of his hand. Bruce is then seen helping The Governor around Woodbury as shown when he dragged Michonne back to her cell after the arena fight. Bruce’s most iconic moment however was at the Walmart once he shot Glenn in the stomach, I thought he had killed him but I was glad to see Glenn had survived. Also Bruce then gets a  pretty cool death and The Governor is actually shown to be saddened once discovering he had died. Bruce in all fairness was a pretty cool character.


Again although Sam was only seen for a short amount of time he was one of the more memorable residents of Woodbury much more so than Ms. Williams, Wes, Miller or Rudy. Although he was obviously bad I don’t think he was a bad person as the Governor had not only convinced Sam but he had convinced everyone that Rick’s group were monsters, Sam saw them murder his friends and lashed out. He actually looked really cool and although it was obvious he was going to die I was a little sad he did.

Eugene Cooney

I really liked this resident, well I liked how he was wrote. He was a nasty, bad thug in my opinion who thought he was tough but after losing his teeth was furious. I mean if he was scared about losing his teeth why did he agree to fight a guy with a baseball bat? But he got his revenge and slit Harold’s throat personally I thought the Governor would’ve killed him for that but then I realized that not many people would voluntarily fight in the arena of biters for entertainment. Also besides The Governor I think Eugene got the best death of all the Woodbury residents as it was so quick and looked great.

Harold Abernathy

Harold was the other arena fighter who knocked Eugene’s teeth out, Harold actually seemed like a pretty decent guy while Dr Stevens patched him up and invited both Rick and Dr. Stevens to the fight. That was before Eugene burst in and slit his throat, Harold then died as Dr Stevens tried to help him.

Scott Moon

Scott was another pretty cool resident who wasn’t shown enough, I liked him the novel and thought he was pretty funny and in my opinion should’ve been developed more. His death was pretty cool however as shown in the Governor’s Special when the Governor told him that his head was going to be the first in the tanks.

TV:- Woodbury Residents


Okay, Jeanette was handled really well compared to other background woodbury characters. I mean I know she is named but so was Ms. McLeod and she was seen at the prison at the end of Season 3 but nope, they managed to remember Jeanette throughout all of season 4 and actually made her quite notable.


Shumpert I was really disappointed with, for starters Travis Love is a really good actor and a really nice guy (If they had given him more than like three lines you may have noticed) When I saw Shumpert I thought he was going to be Bruce’s counterpart and Shumpert was shown to be so cool in the forest with his bow and arrow, I was real relieved to see he survived and that he ran with Martinez. I thought yes! He is finally going to get developed or at the very least killed off on screen...Nope! Why have Shumpert escape and  survive all of woodbury to only be killed off screen in his first episode back? I mean they may as well gunned him down in the crowd of Woodbury or The Prison survivors could’ve got a pretty notable kill. Instead they wasted the potential, I understand that it was to show Martinez was upset by it and still held Woodbury against the Governor but come on Martinez wasn’t even that sad and mentioned Shumpert once before the Governor killed him.

Mr. Jacobson

I loved this character! Mainly because it showed that the show didn’t forget every Woodbury resident they already had (This includes the three unnamed ones, Deanna Dixon, Denny Ainsworth and Bill Vella) Also his death was pretty cool and actually made you remember this resident as his own character which doesn’t happen when a bunch of them are all killed in a crowd.


This is an example of when the directors annoy me, they’ve completely forgot to call back this character! I mean I know some people are unavailable but it happens all too often, would it really be that hard for someone to take a list of the names of surviving extras to keep continuity?


Okay, Owen was a pretty good survivor. Although he was only seen briefly he was an extra child in the prison and he was remembered enough to have The Crying Mom be his mom. They also handled his death pretty well with showing his body with the cover over it rather than a half eaten dead child.


Okay I have very little to say about this character as he was only seen very briefly, but it’s pretty cool he was named.


Greg is awesome! For starters his actor is a really nice guy and his role is pretty memorable. He also if you think about it indirectly saved Karen’s life as Karen would’ve been eaten if Greg hadn’t coughed. Greg also got one of the coolest deaths when Patrick tore out his throat. I really hope that the next wave of TV figures is one of Greg as a zombie with his throat torn out and removable guts from his stomach  like in that seen when he gets out of bed and they fell out.

Ms. McLeod

Ms. McLeod, in case you don’t remember her "Ms. McLeod, she's the one with arthritis." I was really happy at first that they remembered her enough to show her in quite a few episodes and even happier to see her taken to the prison, I thought this one of the best extra’s remembered/handled. Wow was I wrong after Lucie (Ms. McLeod’s actress) confirmed she would be in Season 4 I was very glad to hear it but nope. Apparently even if you are seen going into the prison it doesn’t mean you real are there if you are an extra. If you asked any of the crew about this however they would probably say she died over the skip., which is the same with any other named or unnamed woodbury residents who are forgotten.


Okay, Rowan was wasted talent/story. She is a really talented actress and for the short role she got I was quite disappointed but when I saw her in The Governor’s bed this gave me hope of a story. I think it would’ve been much better if she had discovered his fish-tanks of heads and saw Penny and was about to run and tell everyone when she see’s the Governor sat in his chair with the knife (Like that poster released) You could’ve later seen her head when you saw Mike, Terry’s and Welles. Also that would’ve made it a lot more interesting and dark when Andrea found the heads as she found the heads and recognized her. It would’ve also made you think the Governor was a lot more evil and would’ve made you realize that he does love Andrea when he tries to explain the tanks, rather than just sleeping with her like Rowan.


Wow talking about forgotten background cast, what happened to Eileen!? They had the screen foucs on her they mentioned she was pregnant as if that was going to be its own little story but  no! This really annoyed me, I know Meghan (Eileen’s actress) and asked her if she had been called back and she said no! So it wasn’t that she was unavailable it was they didn’t bother to call her back! That really annoyed me as I think Eileen had great potential.


Jeez, yet again more forgotten actors! Noah’s actor wanted to come back and I again have spoke to his actor (Who is really nice) and he loves the show. I think it was really disappointing that he was forgotten especially when he was a main focus with The Governor and Karen. I think it would’ve been really cool if you saw Karen see Noah’s body on the ground after The Governor gunned them all down.


Okay on a brighter note, Eric was one of the best handled extra’s they showed him around town in several episodes, making you notice him more often and you actually see him in the battle at the prison making it obvious and clear he died.


Okay this proves again that the crew does remember a few of its background characters although I personally don’t class Paul as background and more of a guest cast due to his lines and appearances. Paul was saw around town a few times and was really notable due to his argument at the wall in Suicide King when everyone was trying to leave. Paul was also shown in the prison battle and was actually seen getting shot by the Governor showing he is dead and finishing what was one of the best smaller role characters.


I was pretty happy with Jody’s role, I liked that he was included to show how far gone Carl was when he shot and killed Jody. My only complaint is that I wish Jody’s actor was shown around town in the crowds and stuff a little more before the last episode, but no big problem. I also feel like maybe Noah could’ve had this role.


Now if there was ever an example of wasted potential it was Haley! I honestly really liked her, I think it was great how they handled her on the wall duty with Andrea and her talking about her back-story. She also used a bow and arrow and seemed like she would be a pretty cool character ot have long term. I would’ve preferred it if we got to know Haley and made her as notable as Dr Stevens or Alice from the comics (As come on Dr Stevens in the show was super disappoint, check out my Alice and Dr Stevens character spotlight for more on that) They could’ve had her then killed in the battle with the governor in Welcome to the Tombs or she could’ve survived and become more of a character and died like Alice in Too Far Gone. But either way they had a developed woodbury character who they killed before we could get even more attachment to them.


Not much to say about this character besides that I would’ve preferred it if someone like Mitch or Sherrie Leigh had this role as they would’ve been more remember able.  

Tim and Crowley

I was happy with how they handled Tim and Crowley, I mean I know I’ve went on a bit about development especially with Shumpert, Rowan and Haley but I know you can’t have everyone super developed and I think these two were shown enough to be pretty recognized when Michonne killed them. Also there deaths were awesome with Michonne just jumping down and slicing Crowley’s head of his shoulders and then Tim being used as a human shield.


In my opinion Gargulio was a great character, he really showed how encaustic and crazy a normal person like he was could become under the stress. I thought it was awesome at how at first he was the one who wanted to leave Michonne but after Tim and Crowley were killed it quickly switched and Gargulio thought he was tuff and even threatened to tell The Governor Merle was lying if Merle didn’t continue and just told him that he had killed Michonne. I was really shocked to see Merle taking that and was relieved when Merle shot him. All  in all a really cool woodbury person who had pretty good screen time and a pretty good death.

Betty Coleman

Betty was pretty well done, she had quite a lot of screen time. I don’t have much to say about her character besides the fact that since she was a little older they should’ve kept her actress and taken her to the prison.

Michael Coleman

Wow! Possibly my favourite secondary woodbury resident, Michael was handled perfectly! His death and scenes were really touching especially by how fond Milton had grown of Michael. I also loved Michael’s death which once again showed that no one remains even slightly human after reanimation. I was also glad it was natural causes and not a walker bite which would’ve been a little weird. Even the last scene of Michael when Milton (Who was in denial and hoped that Michael was still alive inside) saw Michael’s hand twitch was really good as Milton tried to unfasten him and Michael almost bit him till Andrea stabbed him in the head. Just an awesome character with some awesome screen time.

Emily Coleman

I’ve got nothing really to say about Emily besides that she was brought in to show Michael had a family.

Mrs. Foster

I haven’t got much to say about Mrs. Foster either, but here is an interesting fact I got from Carol Lane (Mrs. Fosters actress) She wasn’t on the show anymore due to her looking very similar to Lori Grimes. So similar in fact that Carol plays Lori’s stand in, in the scenes when Lori was riding the horse to the farm with Maggie and the wedding dress Lori scene at the prison.

Richard Foster

And finally the last woodbury survivor in this spotlight is Richard, I thought he was again a pretty cool character who was shown enough in town to remember him and how a pretty cool death. It also showed how cold and detached The Governor had become from his town as he walked out in front of everyone and shot Richard after he had been bitten and half devoured.

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Well thank you for reading! I'm glad I got those characters out of the way! I know this character spotlight wasn't the best, but I hope you come back for the next which will be on Jim (Comic and TV Series)! Until next time "You kill or you die!...Or you die and you kill"