Hey, guys well how awesome was the walking dead?! It was so great! I also can't wait to see whats going on with the whole Issue 127 cover. I've also got a really good idea for the next character spotlight to get a few characters out of the way which I will be talking about in the Last Thing! section. Well hope you guys enjoy this blog and thanks for reading. 

Comic:- Thomas Richards

Although Thomas Richards is only in the comics for a short amount of time he is one of my favorite antagonists. I
Thomas Death By Maggie Cropped
think it was a really awesome story that he had with the murders of Susie and Rachel and besides Shane it showed that people are just as dangerous as walkers if not more so, also Thomas is the first to murder someone of the group and it really made you worry for all the characters as you didn't know who did it. Thomas is later caught when he attacks Andrea and she managed to escape unharmed apart from a slice on her face (Giving her one of many of her iconic scars) I loved the page were Rick beats Thomas to a  pulp and it really showed how everyone is changing when they talk about murdering Thomas, Eventually, against Lori's wishes at first. They plan to hang Thomas but Patricia believing Thomas is sick and not evil and believing that Rick and the group are wrong for murdering him  attem
Thomas 11
pts to break him out. Patricia is then attacked by Thomas and we see the painful panel of Patricia scratching his face, I was really worried Patricia was going to die as I really like her character but she managed to survive when Maggie shot Thomas several times. Personally I think although Thomas was only in the series for a short time he was a crucial character as we see how many characters like Maggie, Rick, Glenn, Lori and Patricia as well as many others have changed. I loved the little mention of Thomas in the video game and found it really interesting to see the true reason he was in prison, I guess he had a thing about women and knives... 

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Last Thing!

Okay as I promised I will be reavealing my next character spotlight idea and it is the spotlight of...Woodbury Residents. I don't mean the unnamed ones as I would have to write hundreds of short sentences for each, what I mean is the residents that are named which I would do a character spotlight for but don't feel as though they need there own spotlight. Obviously that means that the next blog is going to be very long and have lots of characters! So I hope you enjoy it and until next time "Come back here you slut! It's time to get your medicine, you fucking whore!"

These are the characters in the next spotlight

Woodbury Residents in the comic

  • Jared
  • Ms. Williams
  • Miller
  • Rudy 
  • Wes
  • Denny
  • Lou 
  • Matthew 
  • Daniel 
  • Jim Bridges
  • Eric
  • Bruce Cooper 
  • Sam
  • Eugene
  • Harold 
  • Scott Moon

Woodbury Residents in the TV show

  • Jeanette
  • Shumpert
  • Mr. Jacobson
  • Eryn
  • Owen
  • Thomas
  • Greg
  • Ms. McLeod
  • Rowan
  • Eileen
  • Noah
  • Eric
  • Paul
  • Jody
  • Haley
  • Warren 
  • Gargulio
  • Tim 
  • Crowley
  • Betty Coleman
  • Michael Coleman 
  • Emily Coleman
  • Mrs. Foster
  • Richard Foster

These characters will all have there own sections in the next character spotlight! Martinez, Karen, Milton, The Governor, Penny, Lilly, Bob Stookey and Gabe all deserve there own stand-alone character spotlight, that is why the aren't part of this one. 

Also Dr Stevens and Alice have already had spotlights which is why they also aren't included in either of the lists.