Okay, I know Susie and Rachel Greene were both in the comics for a very short time. The reasons I am spotlighting them are: I plan on doing ever character from game, show and comic eventually, I've only got a short amount of time and I have wrote one in while. I hope you guys understand and enjoy these blogs! The next one will be coming out next week, meanwhile if you already haven't you should check out the Patricia and Allen spotlights! Thanks for checking this out guys! I promise the next will be longer and focus on Glenn and like the Patricia and Allen ones compare Glenn in the TV, Comic and his Telltale game universe counterpart! 

Susie and Rachel Greene

Although Susie and Rachel were only in the comic a short amount of time, I liked them both. They seemed friendly enough, although I wish they had been more developed before getting murdered by Thomas. Robert Kirkman mentioned that Thomas was originally going to kill Judith by stabbing Lori in the stomach, I don't know if this means instead of Susie and Rachel or instead of his attacking Andrea but if this had happened we could've got to see a lot more of two under developed characters. It would've been interesting to have more children playing together at the prison and either Rachel or Susie could've been killed later which would develop the surviving sister, Maggie, Billy and Hershel even further and then the surviving twin would've left the prison in the battle and stayed with Maggie on the farm. This would give Maggie another reason to live and give Sophia a friend at the hilltop. All in all I wish both Susie and Rachel had lived longer
Twins death
but their deaths are very memorable and it did develop Hershel, Maggie and Billy Greene. Also there deaths started one of my favorite story lines of trying to figure out who committed the murders and lead on to Dexter and Andrew defecting and temporarily Patricia. 

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Last Thing!

Again sorry for this blog being so short, but this gets two small role characters out of the way. Also like I said before Glenn's will be very long with details and opinions on his three main counterparts, so until then "It's time to get your medicine, you fucking whore!"

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