Okay, I've decided to make this blog, which is going to lead to many more focusing on single characters and my opinions on them! Suggestions are also considered and taken into account! So I thought I'd start with one of my favorite characters and talking about her comic and TV Series role. So keep your eye out for more and more spotlights! Remember to read and leave your opinion in the comments! :)

Comic:- Patricia

Patricia sjdia
Patricia in the comic is one of my favorite characters, most people disliked her because of her mistakes with releasing
Patricia 8
Thomas Richards after he murdered Susie and Rachel Greene and then sided with Dexter and Andrew but I agree with Rick that Patricia is very naive and just trying to do the right thing. She doesn't agree with the murder of Thomas as he seemed to be nice to her and Patricia hadn't hardend to the world like Rick and the others had. She then sided with Dexter and Andrew due to like me saying before is naive and still hadn't become like the others but once realizing that Dexter was going to kill them if they didn't leave Patricia started to defect and push Dexter's gun away telling him that he had promised that he wouldn't hurt them which is usually forgotten when people talk about Patricia's faults. Then Otis is very angry and mean to Patricia showing his racist side, I never liked Otis in the comic. I understand that he was mad at Patricia but come on she was having a bad enough time as it was without Otis's comments. Patricia also forgave Otis and became friends with him which must have been hard and shows that Patricia isn't the horrible person that some believe she is. After Carol dies and the Woodbury battle begins
Patricia becomes a vital member of the group, looking after Sophia, starting a realtionship with Axel and battleing against Woodbury but most notabley saving Rick's life after he was shot. She volunteered to give Rick her blood through a blood transfusion as she had a blood type which was compatable with any other blood type, this saves Rick and stops everyone having to get there blood tested by Alice. Once the battle with Woodbury began Patricia stayed at the prison when many left, I mean if Patricia was bad would she have stayed to protect the prison and her friends? Also Patricia managed to kill quite a few Unnamed Woodbury people with her fellow survivors before her death. She was killed by a bullet to the head from a woodbury soldier while trying to check if it was okay for her, Billy and Hershel to run away.

TV:- Patricia 

Season two patricia
Patricia in the TV Series I was quite disappointed with, she was on screen a lot less and didn't have nearly as much develop as her comic character did. I wished they'd kept Patricia alive longer so we could've seen more of her. I thought that the only reasons they added Patricia was a nod to the comics, someone to make Shane feel guilty and a death of someone who people remember seeing on the finale. Her death visually looked really good though, the blood although very red had to be so it was visable in the dark. I was hoping that at least Patricia's death along with Jimmy's would lead to some good development from
Beth who still had very little besides her suicide story but this didn't happen either. I also think that the only reason Patricia was the one to brake the chickens leg and feed them to the barn was to give Patricia some more screen time again to make her death more notable. I was hoping all Season 2 that she'd get some developed but assumed after the deaths of Dale, Shane and Sophia I assumed that she'd get more development at the prison as her character in the comic didn't get seen much on the farm either, but she was instead devoured for the kill count and shock factor, that is my opinion anyway. 


I'd have to say the comic version was my favorite out of the two due to her getting a lot more development than her TV counterpart which made Patricia one of my all time favorites! I also have to say that I think Jane McNeil is an excellent actress and seems like a lovely person! I just wished they given her more screen time and development...

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