Hello guys, well here is to another character spotlight blog! This one will be focusing on Negan! What a cool idea right!? Hope you guys like it, also I will be revealing the next six planned character spotlights requested and picked. So hope you guys enjoy the blog and keep leaving your awesome feedback.

Comic:- Negan

Negan Profile
Negan is arguably the best villain the walking dead comic book series has ever had. He is definitely
the most powerful, but I think my favorite thing about Negan is how different and complex a character he is. At first after the brutal murder of Glenn in Negan's debut Issue 100 Negan was shown as  a completely insane, sick, monster...well he still is but has other layers too. He also has shown to have some morals such as his hate against rape when David attempted to rape Holly, also stopping when he saw he was clearly upsetting Carl, although as soon as Negan does something nice he seems to make up for it by doing something terrible such as presumably murdering Holly. Negan's best feature in my appearance is his sick but hilarious sense of humor, which usually makes people feel upset or awkward and also usually refers to his genitalia, even when murdering people he is shown to be light-hearted as when he stabbed Spencer in the stomach he laughed about him not having guts before hand then apologizing saying they were inside all along. Another interesting level to Negan is his several wives, although all have agreed to be
117 Negan and David
with him (Presumably for the perks) Negan is shown to be hurt and angry when they betray him with there real partners and brutally
Spencer death
punishes them. Negan also is possibly one of the most physically strong characters whether that be hand to hand (with lucille, an iron or a large knife) or grenades and fists (as shown on the attack of Alexandria in the last Issue and the fight Negan won against Rick) Negan is also shown to be one of the smartest and most respected, basically he is just  a tuff, strong, survivor but unlike Rick not always a nice one. Although I wish Negan didn't have to I am almost certain he will die in All Out War Part 2, I will be happy when he goes however as he has been a fantastic character and I have enjoyed his story and battle as well as his sence of humor and he will not be forgotten.

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Upcoming Character Spotlights!

Okay so this  is a section rarely in the spotlights, the next will be in after six more spotlights. This is the section which reveals the characters that I will be doing the spotlights on next for the next couple of blogs (This case six) If you recommend them in the comments you have a better chance of it being selected. So enjoy I hope you like the choices

  • Eric, Alexandria (Next)
  • Ben, Allen and Donna's son
  • Dale
  • Paul "Jesus" Monroe
  • Maggie Greene
  • Thomas Richards

Last Thing!

Well hope you guys enjoyed the latest spotlight as much as I've enjoyed writing it, I will hope that you all will continue to support this series as much as you all have so far, it is a lot of fun! So thanks once again and leave your wishlist in the comments! See you next time guys and until then "Look back at the fucking sky, dick hole"