Sorry, again I know this is a later one but I always get around to it. Maggie Greene is a fan-favorite and I hope you enjoy this blog as much as you have the others. Also what's happening tonight? Oh yeah! THE WALKING DEAD IS ON!! I can't wait to see some other survivors although I loved episode nine I missed characters like Tyreese, Maggie, Sasha, Glenn and Tara. So without further or do lets get started!

Comic:- Maggie Greene

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Maggie is one of the most developed characters in the series, also one of the longest lasting. She is a
personal favorite of mine and I think she has been handled brilliantly. At first Maggie seemed like a temporary partner of Glenn who could've really died at any point as there relationship wasn't to serious and just meant sex to both of them but as they got to know each other they fell in love. Glenn and Maggie were by far the best couple in The Walking Dead and loved each other deeply. Although Glenn and Maggie became serious once at the prison all they did was have sex up until Susie and Rachel were both killed, then Maggie began to become the bad-ass she now is. After discovering it was Thomas Richards Maggie was furious and took the opportunity to shoot him till her pistol ran out while he was attacking Patricia. She also temporally ended her relationship with Glenn as she believed everyone she loved was dying, which by the way if you look at it besides Sophia they kind of have. (Hershel, Patricia, Otis, Billy, Lacey, Arnold, Shawn, Susie, Rachel and Glenn hell even Buttons her horse has been stolen)  Anyway after breaking up for a short while Glenn and Maggie get back together and are stronger than ever. After the prison massacre and the last of Maggie's family die Maggie becomes depressed and tries to hang herself. I think this was a great plot for Robert Kirkman to write, I was just glad that Maggie survived. Maggie then realized that there was no point in dying and carried on telling Glenn she wanted to spend as
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much time as she could with him and Sophia. After arriving at Alexandria Maggie and Glenn argue occasionally but nothing serious and eventually
Rick Punched by Maggie
decided to go to the hilltop on the way Glenn is killed in front of Maggie, Sophia and the others brutally by Negan. After he leaves Maggie beats the crap out of Rick blaming him for Glenn's death but eventually comes to terms that it wasn't Rick's fault. Maggie also revealed she is pregnant to Glenn before leaving and Harlan Carson says the baby seems fine which is good. Maggie also saved everyone at Alexandria when she and the group from the hilltop start shooting at Negan and his men. Maggie is now the leader of The Hilltop Coloney and is encouraging everyone who can to fight. 

TV:- Maggie Greene

First of Lauren Cohan was a great choice for Maggie, she portrays her brilliantly! Okay Maggie is very similar to her comic counterpart while she is on the farm and doesn't really differ much except there is  a different storyline from the comic when her sister, Beth Greene, attempts to pursuade her to commit suicide with her. Maggie is furious and tells Beth that she is making a mistake, Andrea offers to keep an eye on Beth to give Maggie a break but instead leaves Beth alone to decided if she wants to live (She decided she did) But Maggie is furious at Andrea and kicks her out of the house. After leaving the farm Maggie became bad-ass even more so than her comic counterpart. Besides Michonne and perhaps Carol Maggie is the strongest female in the group and kills walkers in all sorts of ways. Mentally Maggie is also really strong after she copes with The Governor's attempted rape. Glenn and Maggie's relationship remains strong as both are still alive but both have been split up after the battle with The Governor. I'm am very interested to see how Maggie copes with losing the prison and perhaps believing Beth is dead and losing her father. I can't wait to see her again in tonights episode.

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