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Hey guys! Sorry it took me so long to get this out, so busy! I've had interviews, episode to watch, video game episode to play...woosh! So much, anyway how good of a walking dead craze has this year been so far?! I mean the past two months we've had a wave of action figures, issues, episodes and video game episodes! Anyway, hope you enjoy this spotlight and before I start here is  a new idea I thought of everyone who has a character they want to see done please pick a number between one and twenty and put the characters name in the comment. I will use  a random generator to select and number, I will then number how many people picked the same number and do the same leaving me with the winner! I thought that'd be  a fun way to do it! So without further or do lets go!

Comic:- Jim

Okay in my opinion I thought Jim was an interesting character, but he isn't really one of my favorites as he wasn't in the series long enough for my taste and lacked main development besides the mention of the death of his family. Jim lasted a short amount of time and maybe said even less...just kidding, but he did say very little. I thought it was  a great death to have as Jim hadn't been developed enough to be attached but just enough development to be memorable and a good death at the end of the volume. His sad death was really hard hitting and the art of his arm was great. What really rubs salt in the wound is that the group really could've saved Jim if 

they had learnt about the amputation theory sooner. I liked Jim's cold attitude due to the death of his family and I just thought he was handled well, the Donna-Jim development was also fantastic and I really liked how Jim was a very manly man and didn't want over men wrapping him in blankets and comforting him. 

TV:- Jim

Okay if I am honest, I prefer Jim from the show...there I said it, his actor was a great choice! They gave him much
Jim Death
more development and made him feel more crazy and scary but also still remained sad and depressed underneath. Personally I think Jim's death was much sadder in the show as we got to know him much better and seeing Jacqui crying (brilliant performance by Jeryl Presscott Sales) was really heartbreaking. The scenes of Jim in pain and infected were much more stretched out and just better in my opinion, seeing him flash towards a zombie in his head was really well done and smart. But my favorite thing about Jim in the show was the added storyline with the Shane shovel attack, after Jim loses it and snaps that  it was Ed and Carol's marriage and Shane shouldn't have got involved I was so angry, but I also liked it as it made Jim multi-dimensioned with a good and bad side. Although Jim did admit that he was in the wrong later I really did like it. The only thing I would've preferred is if they had stuck to the comic scene and ended the fifth episode with the bite on Jim's arm and him saying his famous line.

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Last Thing!

Okay well thanks for reading another spotlight! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Remeber to pick a number and leave your opinions of this blog as well as the recent figures, comics, episodes and game episodes. Lets hope all this walking dead madness continues and until next time "My family! MY FAMILY!! YOU KILLED THEM!!!"