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Comic:- Glenn

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Glenn in the comics was a great character! He is also in my opinion one of the most developed from his sneaky supply running days
in Atlanta to wanting to start a real relationship with Maggie at the farm and becoming a prominent member of the group and becoming a fully grown man and marrying his love Maggie and adopting Sophia. He started of to nervous to even ask Carol if she liked him as at first he did like her, but as the series progressed he grew more and more confident like when he stood up to Nicholas at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Once his relationship started with Maggie he became a lot more mature as he now had someone who loved and needed him. Maggie and Glenn's relationship did have bumps for example when Maggie temporarily ending the relationship as she was worried everyone she
Glenn asdsada
loved was going to die (Due to all of her sisters and two of her three brothers all ready dead) but after a while Maggie pulled herself around and got back together with Glenn another "bump" they had was when Maggie, again depressed after losing both of her remaining family members (Hershel and Billy) and her neighbors who she lived with on the farm (Patricia and Otis) she attempted suicide by hanging herself. Glenn was devastated once finding her and quickly got her cut down, Abraham who believed Maggie had died was going to put her down before reanimation
but Glenn and Rick stopped him from doing so. Glenn and Maggie had a deep conversation about why she did what she did and Maggie was shown to deeply to regret what she had done. Maggie and Glenn remained strong and Maggie later revealed at Alexandria Safe-Zone that she was pregnant with Glenn's baby. Both were very happy and ready to start a family along with there adopted daughter Sophia. Glenn along with Maggie and Sophia were the family that gave me hope while reading the whole series to Issue 100 as while everyone was losing loved ones like Andrea losing Dale and Amy or Rick and Carl losing Lori and Judith, Glenn, Maggie and Sophia all lost loved ones but loved and carried on
for each other and I was very happy when all three made it to Alexandria Safe-Zone as although they had there bumps they were safe and happy and definitely after what Maggie and Sophia went through they deserved it. But then Negan came along and (Spoiler for anyone who hasn't read Issue 100) kills Glenn. It was so brutal and awful but shocking and unexpected! I'd have to say again in my opinion Glenn's death was the biggest, most brutal and definitely the most shocking ever in The Walking Dead! I loved Glenn's character and thought he was fantastic! But I'm glad he died, I know that sounds stupid but he had his story ( Issue 2 - 100) and his death effected everyone in the group leading and carrying their stories on and two thing are for sure, Glenn will never be forgotten and Negan will never be forgiven. 

TV:- Glenn

Glenn tv
I again think Glenn in this universe is also handled fantastically! He has definetly, like his comic counterpart, changed from series to
Glenn Rhee Box
series. I think Steven Yeun acting is AMAZING for Glenn and I think he fits the role perfectly! The main difference between the comic and TV series Glenn (For me anyway) is that after Woodbury TV Series Glenn became a lot more hardened which although at the time I thought he was acting like a jerk, I guess it was understandable. He was being unfair to Maggie and he was shown to feel guilty about it after realizing but now has still kept some of his experience and now is a key member and fighter for the group. He loves Maggie and even when ill wants to help her look for Beth he is also told not to by Maggie which shows that she is till worried about his safety. I love the development we get and have been getting through out Season 2 - 4 between Maggie and Glenn and hope it continues for a long time, so Negan keep your bat to yourself....for now! 

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