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Comic:- Eric

Okay in my opinion Eric was never really one of my favorite characters, but I did like him. This was mainly because the development focuses more on his lover Aaron (Who I think is awesome!!) It is shame that Eric wasn't more developed and that'll we will never get that and I was actually quite disappointed that they killed him off for the shock factor and to add another notable death to All Out War, I did expect him to die but I was hoping that we would get a few more panels of development first. Eric to me was always shown to be the stronger and more grumpy out of the pair, as shown when he was recommending leaving, although I did love his page with Aaron when he kept the bottle of whiskey from the supply run. One of the only, if not the only thing I like about Eric's death was his death was Aaron's reaction and showing the touching scene of Aaron holding Eric's corpses hand. Eric and Aaron are the first serious homosexual couple in the comic series, some may argue Andrew and Dexter were but as mentioned by Axel, Dexter was using him, I thought there relationship was handled very well and realistically and not just shoved in
your face so you know walking dead isn't homophobic. Once Eric was stabbed in his supply run I thought we were going to see some 
Aaron & Eric 8
more development and maybe a story of Aaron and a few others looking for the attacker with Buttons? Anyway all in all, I liked Eric and wished he had lived longer, I was disappointed with his death but thought the aftermath was very well done. I hope Eric and Aaron will both be in the TV Show!

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