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Comic:- Alice and Dr Stevens


Alice was an amazing, amazing character! She was well developed for her time alive and was very helpful to all the group, we saw her start small friendships with Carol, Andrea, Billy Greene, Axel, Rick and Lori Grimes
which were all very realistic and awesome to see. While at woodbury Alice remained quite background compared to Dr Stevens but as she was leaving we began to hear her backstory, again I liked it and thought it was a lot better than having Alice just being a plain boring nurse. Alice's medical training came in handy as she helped many of the before mentioned (Billy and headache, Lori giving birth, Rick after being shot in stomach, Axel shot in arm and Dale's bitten leg) but her most shocking twist was in Issue 47 when everyone was lead to believe that Alice had deffected and held Lori, Carl and baby Judith hostage, this infact was a genious idea which was made when they thought people from woodbury were inside. 
Alice 3

Alice was going to pretend to hold them prisoner and take them back to Woodbury, from there they would try and escape once again. Even Alice's death was noble and good once again helping other people as she covered Rick and his family. Alice was shot in the kneecap but managed to kill the woodbury soldier who shot her, which was pretty badass! The Governor then finished her off with a shot to the head. Alice was a brilliant character and although some people believed she was killed too early I liked the story she had and enjoyed her character's development. 

Dr Stevens

Dr. Stevens
Dr Stevens was a character which I also liked, he seemed like a pretty nice guy and I was upset when he
Dr. Stevens death
was killed. We got to see some decent development before his death though with Alice, Rick and Martinez and Dr. Stevens death although sad in my opinion was great and pushed Alice's character on, also it was quite a shocking death when the roamer bit Dr Stevens from behind. My favorite part of Dr Stevens was the scenes were he talks about his hate and anger for The Governor and what he had become, it made his character a lot more interesting for me and more likeable than other woodbury residents such as Gabe, Eugene or Bruce. 

TV:- Dr. Stevens 

Stevens icon
Okay since the  TV Show seemed to merge Alice and Dr Stevens into one character I decided to do them in
Dr. Stevens (Made to Suffer)
one character spotlight, if Alice's character is later brought in I will re-do an up to date Alice spotlight but I doubt that'll happen so lets talk about the Dr Stevens the TV Show gave us. I have almost nothing to say about this character, I was very, very disappointed. She was almost certainly brought in as a refference to Dr Stevens in the comics and was completely forgotten after The Governor's army attacked the prison. If Glen Mazzara wasn't even bothered about Dr Stevens enough to bring her back or at the very least shown her death then he should've left her out completely. Maybe we then could've got a better one with Martinez's group, but I guess that all characters can't be as great and awesome as there Comic Counterparts, right? 

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