Hey guys, hope you've all been keeping well! Tomorrow the walking dead is back! (The day after if you live in the UK) I don't know how I have managed to last so long but I have managed, I will be continuing these blogs even after the season starts and it'll hopefully give me some more characters to review. I have also come up with a new way to pick which character to do next, if you are interested read the Last Thing! section. Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoy the blog! 

Comic: Dale

Okay I really liked Dale in the comics and I was quite sad to seem him go, but in my opinion it was at
the right time in a cool way. Dale was a crucial and important member of the group since Issue 3 all the way to Issue 66. He was well developed and had some great lines and time with main stories such as his relationship with Andrea, his leg being bitten and later amputated and his adoption of Ben and Billy not to mention the  whole Fear The Hunters Arc. At first I thought Dale was going to die around the time of The Prison, but he became such as crucial important character. I loved his relationship with Andrea, although some readers and Donna disapproved of the relationship I thought it was very realistic and made sense as Dale helped Andrea through the loss of Amy. Dale also figured out that Lori and Shane had an affair b
ut tried to persuade Lori to keep it to himself which probably kept the group going, Dale also comforted Rick once he started to believe the affair happened himself. Dale was a father figure to the group mostly to Rick, Amy, Andrea, Ben and Billy but everyone cared deeply about him including the readers. Dale's best moment in my opinion was either when Dale crawled towards Billy Greene and the others after being bitten or when Dale screams and laughs "Tainted Meat!" He was just an all around great character. The only thing I didn't like about him, which again although I didn't like it was realistic, was Dale being jealous over Andrea and Tyreese. I understand why he was but it still annoyed me. I couldn't talk about Dale without mentioning the RV, what an awesome vehicle choice for the series which played a main part and almost felt like a character itself, it even got a counterpart in the show!

TV: Dale

Season one dale horvath
Again Dale in the TV Show as an awesome character, he was portrayed brilliantly and was an even bigger
father figure and the voice of reason for the group. He had some excellent screen time and a awesome story with Shane as Dale knew what Shane was really like since Season One when he watches Shane aim his gun at Rick while hunting. Andrea and Dale don't have a relationship together but Dale stops Andrea from committing suicide which she is angry at him for, she later forgives him and they start to have a close friendship again before Dale dies. Dale and Andrea's time Atlanta besides the CDC was very similar to the comic as Dale helps Andrea through Amy's death. The only thing I didn't like about Dale in the show was how early he was killed off and how weak it made him look, I know he is an old man but he was taken down by one bony, skinny walker. Yes his death visually was pretty cool but still it was far too early and I was really hoping to see the hunters story line with him, although I guess it does have a positive as now Hershel is also dead I have no idea who is going to get caught by the hunters. 

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Last Thing!

Okay after I do Maggie Greene's spotlight next and then Thomas Richards, both will be awesome to write by the way! I will be changing how I select who to do next. Sometimes occasionly I may have decided to do one I think sounds good but most of the time I'll be listening to your suggestions so after Maggie and Thomas the character that the most people recommend in the comments will be the one I do so if someone suggests a character and you'd like to see that character too comment there name for a better chance! That'll hopefully make it fairer. Thanks for reading like always and until next time "It's not the dead I'm afraid of anymore."