Hey guys can't believe the first character spotlight I did was three weeks ago! Well three weeks and two days but you know, I've had excellent support throughout this series and hope it continues! Beth Greene is a character with many fans and many haters so I believe everyone is entitled to there opinions but come on keep it friendly guys. Anyway hope you enjoy this nex is Dr Stevens and Alice/ Dr. Alice Stevens in the TV Show. Anyway without futher or do hope you guys enjoy the blog and lets get started!

TV:- Beth Greene

477px-Season 3 Beth
Right first of all I am neither a hater or a fan of Beth, she is a pretty in the middle character for me. I mean I think Emily Kinney does a good job and everything and I don't want Beth's character to die, but I would rather her die than Sasha or Tyreese or Maggie or any other charcter due to her being
Beth Badass 2
my least favorite at them moment, not because she is  a bad character but because also the rest a so good. Anyway, Beth's many story arc was in Season 2 with her debating to commit suicide. It was done very well and I was happy with the outcome, some people thought it was filler and a waste of time but I think it developed Maggie, Lori, Andrea and Beth and was pretty interesting. As the series went into the third Beth started to become a little more confident singing to lift the morale of the group, I did like how they included Emily Kinney's voice the first time as it made sense and she was shown to be nervous at first but the second time when she just burst into song without a little hesitation and no one asked her to felt a little strange, again that is only my opinion I think Emily has a good voice. Beth was shown to stop the argument between Merle, Glenn and Maggie and was atually shown killing a  couple walkers, which is a very big difference to farmgirl Beth who thought they were just ill like her father and originally Maggie did. But if your a fan of Beth or not
you've got to admit she is mostly seen with the baby, again I don't think this is a bad thing as is actually the perfect role for someone like Beth. I mean of course anyone can look after a baby as many people have mentioned background prison survivors could've but would anyone be available to with the supply runs, the illness, clearing the fences, the farm I mean there isn't many people to spare apart from other children. All in all I hope we get to see some more
development from Beth and see her character grow, although I wouldn't be devestated if she was killed in the second half of this season. Oh and I've got to admit she was pretty bad-ass in Too Far Gone with her and Maggie shooting throw the fences. 

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Well thank you guys for reading yet another one of my character spotlights! Although I haven't put them in any order yet I can garantee I will do spotlights for Eric (Alexandira) Dale and Ben in the near future after I finished the promised Dr Steven's and Alice/Dr Alice Stevens and then Negan. Okay so remember to leave your feedback and opinions! Again thanks for all the support you guys are amazing! See you next time until then "We've all got jobs too do!"