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Comic:- Ben

Ben isn't one of my favorite characters, but had a good twist. I hated what he did to Billy, but I did understand
Billys death
that he was mentally scared and I thought it was  a good plan of Robert Kirkman to give a very shocking, sad and memorable death to two smaller role characters. Ben also was very well wrote when they hinted that he was a psychopath by murdering and cutting up the cat (In case you didn't know animal cruelty is one of the first signs of being a psychopath, especially at such a young age) Other than that I felt sorry for Ben and Billy as they lost both of there parents and I guess I was kind of glad they didn't have to lose Dale too (As they died before him) Billy's murder also lead to Carl feeling very guilty and bad it also made you wonder if Carl was going to far and lead to some great diolouge between Carl and Morgan and Carl and Rick. Ben's death really impacted the group and split it down the middle after he murdered Billy, the group also debated killing Ben (The first time they've thought about murdering a child) and it lead on to a great story line with Dale in Fear The Hunters. 

TV:- Ben

Okay I know I said Ben wasn't one of my favorite characters in the comic, but in the show he was just a
Walker Merle
background character and a nod to the comics which always annoys me. He didn't contribute anything to Tyreese's group, He agreed with his dad when it was obvious that his dad was wrong in the first place about trying to take over the prison but the worst thing was he didn't even get the awesome death like Ben in the comics did, he got accidently shot instead of The Governor and anyone from Woodbury could've taken that role. Ben in the TV show was that undeveloped and that much of a minor character for  a while I thought his own dad had forgotten him. But nope we got one line which mentioned Ben and not even by name and with no emotion in his voise what so ever. Even if we'd got some screen time with him and Allen talking about Donna or burying her or anything we may have felt a slight attachment but nope he
was killed way too early and no were near as well done as his comic counterpart. I mentioned it in my Allen spotlight that I would have much prefered it if Ben and Allen joined the prison group and maybe had the "Hershel-Billy death" of the comics after getting at least a little screen time and that would've been another hard hitting couple of deaths in Too Far Gone. 

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Well sorry its a shorter blog, but like I mentioned before I've been ill and Ben wasn't that big of a character anyway. But Dale should be a good one so keep your eyes peeled, hope you liked this blog anyway and remember after Dale the next spotlights will be Paul "Jesus" Monroe, Maggie Greene and Thomas Richard (In that order) and after that I will be revealing the next six in the Thomas Richard Spotlight so until then "Leave him alone!"