Hey, guys. Glad you've all come back for yet another Character Spotlight blog! This one as the title says is going to be focusing on Axel. I just wanted to say that the next three have been planned as Beth Greene, Dr Steven's and Alice/ Dr Alice Stevens and Negan but after that I plan on doing suggestions as soon as I get them, I do take them down as well and they will be done such as Eric (Alexandria) and Dale so keep those suggestions coming and they will be done! Enjoy guys and thanks for reading!!

Comic:- Axel

I know I always say this but so far everyone of the characters I've done are my favorites (Besides Susie and
Rachel. Most have been suggested, I'm not just doing my favorites) But yet again Axel is one of my favorite characters. He brought humor to the group at the prison, he battled against Woodbury and started a relationship with Patricia. I really liked seeing how Axel earned his place in the group as at first after Dexter, Andrew and Thomas everyone was very skeptical of Axel. But he began to make friends with several members of the group like Tyreese, he eventually began getting trusted after helping them clear out a cell block, helping Allen after he was bitten, always burning bodies and helping Hershel with the farm. He really redeemed himself in my eyes and did seem like he regretted the crime he had committed before the apocalypse. Also like I said before, he brought humor to the group. I thought it was really funny when he "accidentally" went through the showers when Lori and Carol were in there and he was grinning while apologizing and running through. Axel and Patricia's relationship although short seemed to be quite genuine (From Patricia's reaction after Axel is shot) and I like the idea of the two original outcasts becoming partners, again I thought it was quite funny when Alice walked in while they were having sex. Axel also decided to help battle against Woodbury, when he could've easily just left to the farm, he is later shot straight
throw the head and killed without warning, I think he had one of the most shocking deaths as it was straight away and quick. Basically like I said at the beginning Axel is one of my favorite characters, they handled him brilliantly, he death was one of my favorites and most realistic, he got pretty good development but his best, best features were definitely his beard, "You follow me?"

TV:- Axel

Axel 1
I've got to say, I really liked TV Series Axel. I mean in all honesty besides the beard, more development
WD308HD 0630
and Patricia's relationship he was pretty similar. He was a guy who liked checking out woman and flirting as shown when he flirted with Beth and then Carol. He was really funny when telling his true backstory and asking Carol if she was a lesbian. We don't get his cool beard but he does say his catchprase "You follow me?". My other problem with Axel was he was pretty cowardly, but I guess he did begin to become braver when volunteering to go to Woodbury to rescue Maggie and Glenn (Although he didn't go) Although he did get a decent amount of screen time I felt he could've been more development and hjust as we began to like Axel BLAM! He was dead. It did have the shock factor the comic book had, but I didn't feel like Axel's story was
complete like I had in the comic. I would've prefered for them to get Axel shot in the arm like in the comic, maybe kill Axel at Welcome To The Tombs or maybe even Too Far gone. Although he had his faults I did like his character and though Lew Temple did a brilliant job.

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Last Thing!

I know I normally I thank everyone for reading and end with a quote, but this week is different. I talked about Axel's shocking death in both series and  I think it works fantastic well in comics and on TV but to lose someone so unexpectedly is awful. In case you don't know or didn't see the blog Joer (George) died. My heart goes out to all of George's friends and family, he was a really nice guy and it upsets me to have him go. R.I.P Geogre!