Hello again! I got some awesome feedback for my last blog focusing on Patricia and I have had several  people ask for the next to be focusing on Allen (A character from both the comic and the show) I loved the idea! Also I will be releasing these blogs twice a week! Days apart though so I don't effect the recent blogs part too much. Well thanks for checking this out and enjoy! Oh I should also make it clear that I'm not just doing comic or TV show characters with adaptions in both I'm doing any comic, TV show or video game character that people want to see!

Comic:- Allen

Allen was one of the first survivors we encounter in the Atlanta group first appearing in Issue 2, he is the father to twins, Ben and Billy and husband to Donna. Allen was always one of the characters that I liked, I always  saw him as one of Rick's closet friends especially after Donna dies and Rick tries to help comfort him. We don't see much development from him till Donna, his wife is killed but we know that he is a loving father and husband and has seen being friendly with everyone. This quickly changed however after Donna died and Allen became very depressed and cold. Him and Andrea got into a very heated argument at the farm which although Allen was completely in the wrong, you can't help but still feel sorry for the guy. We also see that several other characters are noticing Allen's chage once at the prison. Both Sophia and Carl talk about how Allen has changed, saying how he used to be nice. Dexter also
Allens death

assumed it was Allen who had murdered Susie and Rachel Greene. After a while at the prison though Allen starts to become his old self again smiling and looking after his boys and the other children. Allen then 

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volunteered to help Dale, Tyreese, Axel and Rick clear out the cell block. Allen was then bitten on the back of his leg while searching the new cell block and Ricktried to ampuate Allen's leg hoping it would save his life. Although it didn't it did by Allen more time and Rick's theroy was correct. Allen and Andrea became close again and Allen asked Andrea if she and Dale would look after the twins. Everyone was shown to be saddened by Allen's death and he was mentioned many times after dying by Rick, Patricia, Andrea and many others. Allen from the comics will always be one of my top characters  and I was upset to see him go so soon. I think his dioulouge and everything was really great and realistic. 

TV:- Allen

TWD 1282
After everyone at the Atlanta group was introduced and Allen and his family were not their I like many Allen fan's were disappointed but later it was announced that Allen along with Ben (His son) Donna (his wife) and Tyreese another fan favorite along with Sasha new character and Tyreese's sister would be appearing in Season 3 Episode 8. I was very happy to  hear this but once I saw Allen character from episode to episode he was a completely different man! I feel like they named him for a nod towards the comics and to be honest I wish the hadn't. He was shown to be really nice and grateful to Hershel one scene then wanted to steal the prison off him and the others the next. He then showed no emotion what so ever after his son was killed and briefly mentioned it in the season 3 finally. He witnessed the Governor gun down all of his friends and neighbours and instead of just pointing his gun at the Governor. I mean yeah Shumpert and Martinez didn't kill him either but they didn't act like they were going to and instead just stood there. Allen
was then shot and killed by the Governor, which was problay the best thing the Governor did that episode. Also I'm pretty sure that Allen though Tyreese and Donna were having a realtionship right? As he said she was all over him, yes she was because she was being carried by him! What would Allen have preffered leave his wife? I think Tyreese should've throw Allen into the biter pit...I was very disappointed in this charcter if you haven't already guessed.

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Last Thing!

Thank you once again for reading this! Please keep making suggestions of what Comic, TV Show and Video Game characters to do and I will get around to them eventually! Also I know this and the last I've complained about the show, don't get me wrong I love it! They've made some new characters that are great like Merle, Alisha, Sasha and many more and I do do like lots of TV counterparts too like Martinez, Rick, Shane, Hershel and again lots more! So hope you guys liked it and come bakc for the next spotlight until then Kill Them All!