Hello, I haven't made a blog post in a while, so I figured now would be a good time to make one, and I don't think this is a duplicate, but if it is, please forgive me.

Thoughts on Rebecca

I'm here to talk about Rebecca, y'know that really bitchy pregnant lady. Well, for some strange and completely random reason, I like her. And I'm not sure why. I mean I hated Larry from season 1 of The video game, and she seems a similar character to him. Not very trusting at all.

Well, at first sight, it seems she's had an affair, I mean when Clem hid in the bathroom from her, (I chose in the shower, but the cupboards fine too :P) she was very stressed and seemed at breaking point to me. She seems like someone who'd put on a brave face for the group, when in reality she's about to snap.

She also seems to be very hostile to Clementine, assuming she's working for somebody. Notably, this 'Carver'. She seems to despise 'Carver' more than some of the other characters in the game, and it seems very mysterious as to who Carver actually is.

Theories on Rebecca

I think Rebecca was raped by Carver. She's almost at breaking point when she's on her own (or thinks she is), but is very stressed and mouthy to the group when she's around them. They all assume that she's just stressy because of the pregnancy, but I think carver raped her. That would show how hostile is towards Clem, thinking she's working for Carver. And, if Clem confronts her about the baby, Rebecca doesn't question the fact Clementine knows how it might be somebody else's baby, she just swears at Clem telling her to shut up. Surely, if Rebecca didn't think Carver sent Clementine to the group, she would question Clementine's knowledge of the baby.

ATR Rebecca Argument

Was she raped by Carver?

Rebecca also seems very, very adamant that the baby must be Alvin's, as I doubt she would be able to live with herself if it wasn't. And if she was raped, and it wasn't Alvin's, then the baby would mean she remembers what Carver did to her as long as the baby lives.

I think when she does have the baby, most likely in In Harm's Way, I doubt it would be Alvin's, as Drama in the group is what the game thrives on. Maybe, if Alvin confronts her about it (that's if she survives the pregnancy), then she'll burst into tears and confess a story of what Carver did to her. It would also give the player some sympathy towards Rebecca, unlike Larry from Season 1.

So those were my thoughts and theories on Rebecca, please, if you have the time, leave a comment of what you thought of my blog, your thoughts and theories on Rebecca, or any questions you'd like answered about Rebecca or Season 2 in general. ;)