The Walking Dead: Season Two All That Remains is finally here, and after a long, tedious wait, I'd say that the wait was worth it. And depressing, oh so depressing. SPOILERS AHEAD:

Seems like Telltale's angle with this series is making you cry until your tears run dry. I mean, Omid's death was already pretty crushing and don't even get me started on that poor dog, but when Clementine started talking about her past inside the cabin I just lost it.

And wow was this first episode ridiculously mean to her, she escapes from a bad situation only to fall into another. I really like and admire how much of a survivor she is and how she is always able to push through but I really hope it's not always like this for the rest of the season. Playing through this you really just want Lee to come back from the dead and take care of her again. 

Regarding the new group I like how friendly Luke, Sarah and Pete are. Nick is something of a klutz but his heart seems to be in the right place. The only character I don't like is Rebecca who, let's face it, is the new Larry of the bunch. 

I'm very excited about this ongoing mystery we now have in our hands. Who is Carver? who killed Roman, and why was Roman's corpse even there? what happened to Christa? one question after another, and it sets up a pretty enthralling ongoing storyline that I'm just dying to see more of. Overall, an extremely satisfying, and extremely depressing new chapter. 

P.S. - Did anyone else find some inconsistencies regarding your choices from the first season when it loaded your previous save file? I killed Danny St. John in my playthrough and the recap at the beginning here showed me sparing him, and Clementine mentioned Lee losing his arm even though again, I didn't choose to amputate it.