• Relativus

    Well it's finally here

    December 18, 2013 by Relativus

    The Walking Dead: Season Two All That Remains is finally here, and after a long, tedious wait, I'd say that the wait was worth it. And depressing, oh so depressing. SPOILERS AHEAD:

    Seems like Telltale's angle with this series is making you cry until your tears run dry. I mean, Omid's death was already pretty crushing and don't even get me started on that poor dog, but when Clementine started talking about her past inside the cabin I just lost it.

    And wow was this first episode ridiculously mean to her, she escapes from a bad situation only to fall into another. I really like and admire how much of a survivor she is and how she is always able to push through but I really hope it's not always like this for the rest of the season. Playing throug…

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