Blog #3

So I am an avid Walking Dead fan. I've been following the show since it's premier on Halloween of 2010. It's the only show I watch on TV weekly and don't miss an episode of. I own volumes 1-8, the compendium 2 and volumes 17-19 as well as issues 115, 116, 117 and buying 118 when it comes out next week (so essentially I own and read all 117 issues) and played part of the TellTale game. I never got around to reading the novels though, and I am really considering buying them. Question is, are they worth it? Are they good? I've heard very mixed reviews about them. So would you recommend them? Also if I did buy them, which would look nicer on the rest of my shelf; the hard cover or the paper back? And I heard book 3 is split into two halves, so if I wait on that one, do you think they will release both halves in one book after a while? Which one do I start with?