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Andrea at the CDC question

RedHood47 December 4, 2013 User blog:RedHood47

Blog #1

So here is my first official blog here on the Wiki! With that out of the way, I have looked and haven't seen any other blogs about this topic so here it goes...

I've been watching season 3 and I just realized something, Andrea NEVER mentioned that she was at the CDC and explained to Milton and The Governor how the re animation process occurs and the stages of it. As well as telling them that the French were close to a cure before they fell. So where I'm getting at...she knew how devastated Governor was about loosing Penny and how she was reanimated and how Milton was frantically trying to find a cure or anything to benefit from when Andrew knows the answers to these questions that are practically driving these two.

Please no comments just saying "Andrea is trying to make things worse" or "she's just a dumb blonde". Is there an actual reason behind this? Continuity error maybe? Or she forgot about it somehow? Or were the writers just forgetting it or being lazy? Discuss, debate or whatever in the comments below! :D

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